Wireless Network/Internet Hardware buying & setting recommendation ???

I'm currently using NTL's cable Internet connection & am thinking to switch my provider to www.plus.net.

In order to use their Broadband, I'd need the BT telephone line, which I already have.

I just wonder if anyone around could possibly point me in the right direction as what hardware should I choose (which I'm NOT buying through them cos of being rather steep).

I've got a laptop, which has ALREADY got a wireless PCI card in it & a PC which has NOT got any such card. I'm thinking to buy a wireless router with built-in modem (which I'll leave next to my only BT socket downstairs) & install wireless PCI card in my PC so I can establish connection between wireless router & PC's new wireless PCI card.


This page shows the necessary hardware I'd need to buy. Can anyone recommend which one should I get in my situation ???

What should I buy PCI card OR the USB adapter ??? Any big difference between these two ??? How exactly do I connect this wireless router (having built-in modem) along with my telephone cable in JUST ONE SINGLE BT socket (do I need to use splitter to do so ???)

Am I right assuming that I should have a wireless router WITH built-in modem, in order for my PC upstairs (along with the laptop) to get connected to the Internet OR do I ONLY need a wireless router (which I’ll be leaving downstairs in the phone socket) and use the modem upstairs (which I’ll be receiving free from the service provider) ???

How exactly do I go about setting things up for establishing network connection between PC & laptop & also the Internet ???

PS: I've recently came across this website & is my first question here. Hence can anyone tell me as do I earn points simply by answering the question OR do I ONLY earn it, IF my answer is chosen by the person asking (either the "best answer" or "accepted" answer, etc.). Additionally, I can see that I've 170 points with me (I wonder how though, since I've NOT yet answered any question) & am given away 100 points at this stage. Is this a sensible "pointing" ???
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ElrondCTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can only have one modem connected to your DSL line. Since you're getting a modem for free from your service provider, there's no reason to spend the extra money for a wireless router with a built-in modem. If your only BT socket is downstairs, that's where the modem will have to go (unless you're going to have them run an extension line upstairs). Since your modem & router will be downstairs and your desktop computer is upstairs, you will want to put a wireless network adapter on your desktop computer. I personally haven't seen much difference between a PCI and USB adapter, except that a PCI card requires opening up your computer, which some people aren't comfortable with doing. And there's the question of whether you have enough PCI slots or USB ports. But I haven't seen a substantial difference in performance between them.

When you first install the wireless router, I'd recommend doing the initial setup with your laptop connected to the router by a cable. Use that to make sure you have a connection to the Internet and the router is responding properly. Then unplug the cable and try the wireless connection without encryption; first the laptop, right next to the router (so you don't have any concerns of weak signal), then the desktop. Once that's working properly, turn on encryption (a must especially if you want your computers to be able to talk to each other); use WPA encryption if at all possible, as it's safer than WEP. If you want the computers to be able to share disks and printers, go to Control Panel, Network Connections, and run the Network Setup Wizard.

I live on the other side of the pond, so I can't give you a good recommendation on the hardware; Linksys and D-Link are companies I've used here that work well (normally), but I don't know the other names, and the Linksys and D-Link products in Europe are a bit different from what they sell in the U.S.

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SInce this is ADSL, you wil need a splitter to connect the router, and filters for your phones.

A PCI card is preferred over USB, although if you run CAT 5 cable, you can use your exisitng NIC.

ANy of these should work fine .

Internet connectivity is mostly autmatic, although you really should set up WAP/WPA encryption to prevent someone from stealing connectvity and accessing your computers.

I hope this helps !
I would read the EE help and ask questions in the community section regarding how EE works.

I hope this helps !

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