CR ActiveX viewer doesn't load on client computer

Posted on 2006-11-01
Last Modified: 2010-04-06
I've gone through multiple KB articles and tried everything I can think of, but I cannot get a client machine to load the "Crystal Smart Viewer for ActiveX" using CR XI on a windows 2003 web server and windows XP Pro client computer.

I have set up the viewers folder to be a virtual directory which is located at E:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\crystalreportviewers11 on the web server.  I have checked security permissions and added IUSR and everyone just in case with full permisions.

When I try to access the report from a client machine which does not have Crystal Reports installed on it all I see is a plain gray window with a smal box with a red X in the middle of it in the upper left corner fo the Internet Explorer window.

I have checked the client computer for any previous versions of the crviewer and there are none.  When looking at the KB article found here - it says to -

8. If the issue continues to persist on the client computer, browse to the file that resides on the server from the client computer using a URL similar to the following:

HTTP://<Your Server Name>/Viewer/ActiveXViewer/

If you are prompted to download the file, then the communication path between the server and the client is working as expected. However, if you are not prompted to download this file, consult your Network Administrator for more information.

When I check the above URL all I receive is a page cannot be displayed error so my guess is that the path between the server and the client is not working correctly... any thoughts, thank you.

Question by:WJM

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ID: 17852839
Correction, I have verified that the HTTP://<Your Server Name>/Viewer/ActiveXViewer/ is prompting me to download a file, so the path is working fine; however, the client computer will not install the ActiveX viewer, I know this because I can find no previous version of crviewer on the client machine and no current version either after I try to access the crystal report from the website, I have checked my Internet security settings and everything is set to allow activeX content so I am at a loss here...
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ID: 17853140
Check the download settings in Internet Explorer also.  Even if all of the Active-X settings are set to 'Allow' or 'Prompt', it won't help if the download settings are blocking it.

Also, make sure you're looking at the settings that match the zone you have classified.  You might want to set * as a trusted site to make this process easier.

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ID: 17853197
I have the download settings in IE under security > custom settings all set to enable, I had also added the site to my trusted sites and yet it still does not work...  I have also tried manually installing the crviewer but could not find clear enough instructions and could not get that to work either...
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by:Kurt Reinhardt
ID: 17853258
When attempting to install the Viewer, do you have administrative rights to the machine?


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ID: 17853306
Yes, I have administrative rights to the machine
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ID: 17853770
You might want to try looking at the Event Logs in the Control Panel and see if you can pin down what's stopping it.


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ID: 17858711
I have even tried manually installing the cr viewer as defined in this KB article -
but even that does not work; however, I must admit that I could not complete the last steps because I did not understand what they were asking...

If after completing these steps the ActiveX Viewer is still not installed, try one or more of these steps:

• Run the DependencyInstaller.exe utility to install gdiplus.dll and usp10.dll, if required. The DependencyInstaller.exe is located inside file. <okay, did this>
• Deploy and then register the fie PrintControl.dll on the client computer. <what do they mean by deploy?>

• Extract the DLL files from the .cab file, place them in a folder, and then run the install script. <which .cab file? I cannot find an install script?>

• Manually register all of the DLL files in the .cab file using regsvr32. For example, "regsvr32 myfile.dll". <I could do this if I knew which .cab file they were talking about>


Accepted Solution

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ID: 17859473
We have figured it out.

When installing Crystal Reports Viewer on the web server it creates a folder in the following location -
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\crystalreportviewers11

This is the folder you must make a virtual directory out of.  You should have an .asp file inside this folder which is called in order to load the ActiveX controls.  It may be SmartViewerActiveX.asp or in our case we have a viewer.asp which is used to call up the ActiveX.  Either way, open up your .asp file and search for the line with CODEBASE -

• CODEBASE="/crystalreportviewers11/ActiveXControls/,0,0,893" VIEWASTEXT>

This is defaulting to the folder name; however, we set up our virtual directory to point to the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\crystalreportviewers11 folder but we gave the virtual directory an alias of "viewer11".  Apparently this alias name needs to replace the folder name inside the CODEBASE line in the asp.

We had to change the line of code to read -
CODEBASE="/viewer11/ActiveXControls/,0,0,893" VIEWASTEXT>

So we had to change [CODEBASE="/crystalreportviewers11] to [CODEBASE="/viewer11] and then it was able to find the viewer when we loaded the CR and ask us to download the ActiveX control.  Phew!

Hopefully this will help some others who may run into this situation...  I'm not sure how to distribute points as we were able to come up with the answer on our own, but I think it would be good to leave this up in case others could benefit from our fix...

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ID: 17860453
I felt the comments were all helpful, but none answered the question, I would love to reward points to them but don't want to mislead others by thinking it was the answer to the question and I cannot award my response as the answer, so how would you have me do this, I am open to suggestions, thank you.
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ID: 17861380
I can just close it and refund the points.

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ID: 17861508
Okay, thank you, and thank you to everyone who assisted.

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