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Hello I have a client that has just purchased three treo 7001. they have a ctive directory enviormoent with exchange 2003. My compnay has it setup in active sync to go to and then next in the server configure, but when I do it at the client they have to havethe forward slash exchange /exchange i put that in and click next and it takes that off. they access there mail by typing in what can I do to get there phones setup
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LeeDerbyshireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With Exchange 2000, you are pretty much restricted to POP or IMAP.  IMAP is much better, of course, since you can view any mailbox folder (not just Inbox and Sent Items), and it does not tend to mark messages as Read each time you connect.  If you upgrade to E2003, then you can use ActiveSync in the way that you have tried.
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
they are actually running a exchange 2000 server> i will look at upgrading thm to 2003. but what do I doi after I get them on 2003 so they can use there exchnage e-mail with there treo, or what do I do with exchange 2000
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