Getting Tag's innerHTML

Im trying to extract information in tags on a webpage eg:

Dim str as string = "<td>TEXT</td><td>TEST</td>"

I want somthing to return "TITLE" & "TEST" seperately nothing more prefribly using regular expressions.

Thanks in advance. Bolter99. :)

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      Here's one "simple-minded" approach, that works for most files:

           #!/usr/bin/perl -p0777

       If you want a more complete solution, see the 3-stage striphtml program
       in .

       Here are some tricky cases that you should think about when picking a

           <IMG SRC = "foo.gif" ALT = "A > B">

           <IMG SRC = "foo.gif"
                ALT = "A > B">

           <!-- <A comment> -->

           <script>if (a<b && a>c)</script>

           <# Just data #>

           <![INCLUDE CDATA [ >>>>>>>>>>>> ]]>

       If HTML comments include other tags, those solutions would also break
       on text like this:

           <!-- This section commented out.
               <B>You can't see me!</B>
Bolter99Author Commented:
Sorry i thought it was the VB.Net section. I want a VB.Net solution.

Sorry & thanks for your time none the less.

PS: I meant want somthing to return "TEXT" & "TEST" not title. (the innerHTML of the <td> tags).
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use innerText
Dim text1 As String = TDcontainsText.InnerText.ToString
*****TDcontainsText is the id of the td in html and this td must be runat at server side.
Bolter99Author Commented:
But strings dont have that option. PLUS, they wont have ID's. I want a way to do it through Regular Expressions.


 <td>Value 1</td><td>Value2</td><td>Value3</td>

I want to isolate the cell values and nothing more.

So i can do somthing like:

Matches.Item(0).Group(1).Value to output "Value 1"
Matches.Item(0).Group(2).Value to output "Value 2"
Matches.Item(0).Group(3).Value to output "Value 3"

Bolter99Author Commented:
NOTE: I use Visual Basic .Net (Vistual Studio 2005 8.0)
Use This Example :  You must defined a table as runat server

<table runat='server' id="TableTwo">

now, In code behind use the following code

Dim text1 As String = TableTwo.Rows.Count.ToString
Dim text2 as string =TableTwo.Rows(0).Cells(0).InnerText.ToString
Dim text3 as string=TableTwo.Rows(0).Cells(1).InnerText.ToString
Dim text4 as string=TableTwo.Rows(1).Cells(0).InnerText.ToString
Dim text5 as string=TableTwo.Rows(1).Cells(1).InnerText.ToString

Debug the program check the result


Bolter99Author Commented:
Im not using ASP.NET

Im using:

Visual Basic .NET
Bolter99Author Commented:
Ive figured it out now, thanks for all the posts, as i myself discovered the solution i will not be awarding anypoints. Sorry. But heres my Code:

        Dim text As String = "<td>Value A</td><td>Value B</td>"
        Dim pattern As String = "<td>(.+?)</td><td>(.+?)</td>"
        Dim pat As New Regex(pattern)

        MsgBox("TD A = " & pat.Match(text, pattern).Groups(1).Value)

A message box with "TD A = Value A" would appear.
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