Exchange 2003 - failure to receive messages question

Hello everyone,

I've got an Exchange 2003 server running at my house via my Action Pack Subscription to Microsoft.  I have a statoc IP via Bellsouth for the service...and I have virtual name servers via the domain

I can send email from the server that I have hosted in my home and it arrives to everyone from AOL to Bellsouth...bit it will not receive email.

Is Bellsouth blocking my ability to do this because I am a residential user with a static IP?

Thanks a bunch,
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redseatechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They usually block INBOUND more than they block outbound (as a way to force people onto the business accounts)

I am trying to find a link where bellsouth actually admit they block 25 - as yet, I cannot find one.

The thing is, they are doing it to cause you grief so that you change to a more expensive plan - it wouldn't surprise me if they change their configuration randomly (disallow inbound for a week, then outbound for a week, then both, then neither, etc)

Have you called them about it?
Hi inverted_2000,

Most probably, there was another question here recently that brought this out as well - seems to be something that Bellsouth does (as most ISPs do)

I will find the link for you,


"As of January 2006 BellSouth also started blocking inbound Port 25 traffic on residential accounts. This will only affect customers who are running personal email servers on their residential accounts, which is against the BellSouth Acceptable Use Policy."
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Have you opened Port 25 on your Firewall and forwarded to to the Exchange Box?


Damn you Red :-) You know too much !!!!
Lol, I just remember alot :)
Nah - Gonna have to call you Patrick McGoohan mate.  Watch out for naff 60's floating white balls . . . . You know too much :-)
inverted_2000Author Commented:
Hello Red,

Sorry I left this topic up without tending to it for so long.  You're link at states that all SMTP traffic is blocked for residential users.  Well, I can send email via the Exchange server to anyone...which means that port 25 isn't the issue.  I can NOT receive email sent to the server.

If I am to run a query against the server at my house...I am able to get the MX records, but the actual server cannot be contacted...thus my reason for not receiving the email.

Any clue on that?
inverted_2000Author Commented:
So for some of you other guys (o;

Exchange Server ( ========> Google's Gmail (

Not Working:
Exchange Server ( <======== Google's Gmail (

I would think it is more of a port 110 thing then 25...seeing how it isn't the sending service of the server.

Also...the server isn't up right now so I wouldn't waste time running record retreivals against it.

Thanks guys (o:
inverted_2000Author Commented:
Sure nuff did...I got the response that I figured I would get...

"You signed an agreement stating that you wouldn't host a server at your residence with our service."


Thanks for finishing this up with me.

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