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Is it possible to log off a user at a certain time.

Logon Restrictions have been enforced in Group policy for the user account.

If a user has been allowed to log onto the domain from 8am to 6pm what do i need to do to restrict that user from being able to log back on, even if that user leaves the computer on without shutting the machine down. If a user was to do this, the user will still have access to network resources. Basically i am after a solution, to force a user logon account to be disconnected at 6PM without the ability for that user to log back on.

From what i have read so far it is not possible.

I am interested in a windows solution and not a third party solution if this is possible.

I hope that this is clear if not please let me know

Thank you for your time.

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Shift-3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the Group Policy setting "Automatically log off users when logon time expires" under Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settions\Security Options.
its always possible - well almost

get a hold of psshutdown from sysinternals and create a small batch file which you run as a scheduled task..just use the logoff switch given in the readme
Micrsoft provided a utility (shutdown.exe) which does the same as PsShutdown (if you are only looking to use MS Tools):

PsSHutdown is more powerful however:

Hope this helps.
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If that doesn't work right then adjust the logoff interval with the command net accounts /forcelogoff:<minutes> /domain
Maybe the built-in shutdown command with the -t arguement
The link to "Autmatically log users off....", Provided by Shift-3 does not log the PC off - it simply disconnects the user from servers (logs the user off from any servers defined in the policy).  It is explained here:

To actually log the user off the PC, PsShutdown or Shutdown.exe must be used as described above.

Hope this helps.
yah psshutdown is an awesome tool - i would download the entire pstools packages considering ms bought sysinternals and eventually those tools wont be free
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