Unable to upload Cisco router config(running-config) using FTP

My company has a Cisco 2851 Router which I am trying to configure to allow FTP access for uploading/downloading of the running-config.

I have managed to download the running-config from the router to our FTP server successfully, however I am unable to upload the running-config back up to the router properly. I get the following when I try to upload:

Loading running-config !!!!
[OK - 19629/4096 bytes]

 Aim slot is empty or does not support clock participate
 Aim slot is empty or does not support clock participate
19629 bytes copied in 0.796 secs (24660 bytes/sec)

Is the router perhaps not configured to look in the right location for the running-config?
I have looked at the "ftp-server topdir" command which I thought might be what needs to be set but I am not sure where I would need to point this to?

Thanks in advance.
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From the looks of it, it DID load the config.  There were two commands it didn't like, having to do with the AIM slot.

Keep in mind that copying anything to the running config does not REPLACE the running configuration, it only overlays the commands on top of what's there.  Copying to the startup config does replace the startup config.
thill1982Author Commented:
Ah, I have looked at this again and you are right, it does overlay and add additional entries in. I hadn't noticed because originally on our previous router, we had used TFTP and I am almost certain that our running-config would actually change rather than just an overlay. (though it wasn't myself who used to deal with the old router most of the time so I can't be 100% sure)

We used to make changes to the running-config via TFTP for testing(adding, changing or removing), then simply copy it to the startup config when we were happy. (We have not been able to use TFTP this time for some reason, it keeps timing out, not sure why)

Does this make sense? Is there a difference between what we used to do for uploads via TFTP and what we are doing now with FTP, or perhaps are there differences in the IOS versions?

Should be no difference FTP vs. TFTP - copy <blah> run is always an overlay.

I normally do my TFTP uploads as small chunks written to assume they're an overlay (blow away the ACL, rewrite the ACL, include 'no shut' everywhere appropriate, etc.).
thill1982Author Commented:
Okay, thanks for your help.
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