set up my webserver

what ports do i have to open in order to have a webserver , exchange, terminal  and go to the internet from the lan?

how do u do it from sonicwall?
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jasonpaineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To configure this it depends on what firmware you are using: standard or enhanced.
for standard go to firewall > access rules > add
action allow
service web http
source wan
destination lan  file in your ip range
then do same for port 25 and 3389

for enhanced

go to firewall access rules
add wan to lan rule service http
source  any
destination lan subnets

do this for each service 80,25 , 3389
For webserver you need port 80 inwards if it is http, port 443 if it is https

For exchange you need port 25 for SMTP and port 110 for pop3

Do not know how to configure that in Sonicwall though.

gianitooAuthor Commented:
and this will release my public ip to the web?
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what  do you mean release
gianitooAuthor Commented:
i cant ping from the web......i want to see my ip from outside so i can configure a domain name
create a firewall access rule to allow ping as the service
source wan
destiination * or destination lan and add your ip range
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