Trouble connecting Airport Extreme Card to existing Wi-Fi Network

Hello experts,

I'm trying to connect a Power Mac G4 with an airport extreme card to an existing home wirless (wi-fi) network running off a linksys wireless G router but I can't get the Mac to see the network at all.  The airport status indicates that airpor is on but not associated with a network.  I've tried connecting, using the other network option and entering the WEP key info but I get an "error connecting to network' message.  I'm pretty sure I'm using the most recent version of airport software and I updated the firmware on my wireless router to the most recent version. I tried disabling the wep and was still not able to see the network.  Any other suggestions?  Thanks.


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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you install the card yourself? Did you make sure you connected the antenna properly?
Try putting a dollar sign in front of the WEP key.
erosadouscAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I tried that before I decided to disable wep altogether and neither worked.
erosadouscAuthor Commented:
It did turn out to be an antenna issue.  The card is working great now! Thanks.
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