What is the lowest Cisco Router IOS that supports "no ftp-server write-enable"

We have a 2611XM with IOS 12.2.7r. We have tried to add the command "no ftp-server write-enable" but cannot. We receive the error "invalid input detected at marker".

Is this command not supported in this IOS or do we have to upgrade to 12.3?

I have searched for the string "invalid input detected at marker" but only 2 hits and neither relevant.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

- Tom
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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It looks like the earliest support is in 12.2.12, so either way it wouldn't work unless you upgrade.
"invalid input detected at marker" just means that your syntax was wrong. The carat indicates where you began to go wrong.

Even in 12.4, I only see "no ftp-server enable." I don't see "write-enable" as an option.
Or 12.2.8T5, but I would stay with mainline images if you can.
Surely by putting the "no" at the start you are trying to STOP the write enabled ftp server? If it is giving you an invalid input detected then it doesnt have that command and thus it is irrelevant as it could not be running in the first place?
Like I said, it depends where the carat was. If it was at "ftp" then you are correct. If it was at "write" then the feature is supported but not that option.
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