HP Laptop dv1000 will not turn on anymore...what to do now?

Posted on 2006-11-02
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I was given a laptop from my boss and he asked me to check and give my opinion on the status of the unit.  

I tried turning it on and basically the unit did not turn on.  So I immediately thought of the battery.  I took it out (and luckily its the exact same model as my battery and I put it into my laptop and the battery was working fine.  

I then tried to turn the laptop on with just the power cord but the unit would not turn on.  As well with the battery in and plugged with the power cord it would not even charge the battery.  

I then gave up and told him that it was pretty much a dead stick.  He basically gave it to me to salvage the parts (100 gig hd, ram, dvdrw, etc.)

So I was just bored yesterday and I started to take apart the laptop to see what the guts of it actually looked like.  Sort of how the parts look and how everything was placed.  When I put it back together I decided to see if it would turn on.

So I hit the power switch and it booted up I saw the windows XP screen but then the screen turned off but the LED power light was still on.  But it would not respond to anything.  I tried holding the power button for 10 secs and it did not turn off.  So I took the battery out.  I then put the battery back in and it went back to not working again.  

This laptop is out of warranty period.  But I was wondering what the problem could be??
If it is the motherboard how can I check that?  And how much wold a new mobo cost?

Secondly, with all of these extra parts what I can do with it?  Because it would seem like to be a waste to just throw it in the garbage.  Is there any way to detach the LCD monitor and make into a usable monitor for my desktop?  I'm probably going to get enclosures for the hd and dvdrw drive.


Question by:foobarr
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Accepted Solution

zephyr_hex (Megan) earned 125 total points
ID: 17861442
see if you are able to boot up without the OS.  for example, use a bootable OS to see if the computer works.  (bartPE, UBCD for Windows, Knoppix, etc)  if the computer will boot from a bootable OS, then try formatting and reloading the OS on the laptop.  if that doesn't work, run a utility to check the hard drive for physical errors (such has Drive Fitness Test (DFT)).

if the laptop will not boot from a bootable OS, then you are dealing with some kind of hardware failure.  finding the problem is likely to be a process of elimination, unless the computer will stay on long enough for you to run a hardware troubleshooter utility.

as far as using the LCD as a monitor, you would be better off to just buy an LCD.  i'm sure it's possible for some one to take that screen off the laptop and make it into an LCD monitor, but it will take some major customization and modification.

the memory & hard drive are basically the only thing that will be of use to you (and perhaps the battery and power adapter), unless you happen to have another laptop that is the exact same model.  if that's the case, then the other hardware components might be used as replacements.

another option is to sell the dead thing on ebay and let someone who repairs laptops for a living make use of it.  they are likely to get more use out of the components than you are.  if you do this, i would recommend removing the memory and hard drive, and sell the rest of it on ebay.
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Assisted Solution

nobus earned 125 total points
ID: 17865034
>>   But I was wondering what the problem could be??    <<   bad contacts, failing capacitors
try starting it up with disk and cd removed --> does it boot ?
remove the ram and boot  -->  any sounds?
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Assisted Solution

rid earned 125 total points
ID: 17865489
It could be worthwhile to take it apart again and reassemble it, taking very good care to inspect all electrical joints thoroughly. Especially the processor should be checked for proper seating, as well as RAM and its sockets and, if applicable, any joints between graphics card and motherboard. It could of course be one or several traces on (or in!) a circuit board that are bad and make occasional contact; if so it's pretty much impossible to fix.

Assisted Solution

ParadiseITS earned 125 total points
ID: 17866970
I had a similar problem with a dv1000 (actually a dv1500 on the sticker if you check)...  my problem was related to the fan, it stopped functioning and would just pop off periodically when it got hot.  I fixed it by buying an external fan to put underneath before any real damage ocurred, however if it ran like this for any period of time motherboard damage can result as well as a number of other components that could have overheated without anyone noticing.

So, check and see if the fan powers and runs when you turn it on.  That could be indicative of the initial problem which may have lead to a motherboard malfunction that you are seeing now.  Especially if it begins to boot and locks up.

Author Comment

ID: 17869915
Thanks for all the suggestions.  After reviewing your suggestions and playing with the unit I've come to realize that it's a dead stick.  Plus I dont have time to put towards trying to fix something where the problem could be a hundred different things.  The good thing is my hp laptop can use the parts from it.  So I come out with a 100 gig laptop drive that I can use with an enclosure and another 6 cell battery.  Not to mention the docking station for the hp laptop hahah...

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