how do i assign an onchange function to a select field within my javascript code?

i want to dynamically assign an onchange function to a select field in my javascript code.

so lets say i have this code:

function eventHandler(param1) {



obviously this is the wrong way, what is the correct way?

selectField.onchange = function() { eventHandler("blah"); }

is this the correct way?

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This is ok:

selectField.onchange = function() { doSomeStuff("blah"); };

If you don't need to specify any parameters, you can also do



selectField.onchange= doSomeStuff;

Another approach is to use addEventListener (allows to attach many listeners on the same event and element):

if (selectField.attachEvent) {
   selectField.attachEvent("onchange", function() { doSomeStuff("blah"); });  // this is for IE
} else {
   selectField.addEventListener("change", function() { doSomeStuff("blah"); }, false); // this for standards-compliant browser
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