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I recently “inherited” a new job position and have very little experience with Server 2003/Exchange Server. The company I work for hosts their own mail but is having an online company pre-filter their mail.

The filter company needs me to replace all existing MX entries for the domain with the following:

MX 10
MX 90

They also state: do not change or remove any existing ‘A’ (address) or ‘PTR’ (reverse pointer) records.

Can anyone give me the “Dummies” step by step to accomplish this?


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Michael SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That looks like a Katharion setup, or something similar.

Just contact whoever is the authoritative DNS for your email and have them change the MX records to use those settings.  The A records should stay the same.  Make sure they replace the existing settings, otherwise it won't work.
You can edit, remove and add MX and A host records in your domain DNS..

Its simple and straight forward.. Locate your old, edit or delete, or add new records by right clicking your forward DNS node..
(PTR recs are automatically updatet if you choose to do so in the record edit/setup pane)
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Hi loserbrewer,

Here is Simon's guide to how it should be

Basically, MX records are specific to mail, they must point to A records (aliases), these aliases (such as "mail" translate the name to the IP address - that is all they do.

PTR records go the other way (IP address to name).

So, all you need to do is talk to whoever hosts your domain, and tell them you want the MX records changed to whatever you have been told to set them to.  You shouldn't need to do anything with exchange.

Hope that helps,

Uhm, wait.. do you know why they state this:
"do not change or remove any existing ‘A’ (address) or ‘PTR’ (reverse pointer) records."

Might it be just to avoid accusations of miseleading customers? It does not make any sence..

It makes sense to me, how else will;

a) the pre-scanning company forward mail to the real server


b) you need a PTR record so your mail will actually be accepted when SENDING

red, i apologize for not thinking ;-)
Its way to early over here... cofee, now..
Nothing to apologise for mate :)
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