Insert Date into Informix Error

I am trying to set up a program to take and pass information to an Informix database.  I have the SQL command set up as follows:
INSERT INTO mytest (bdate) VALUES (" & fSDAT & ")"
Where the reulting SQL statement shows as:
INSERT INTO mytest (bdate) VALUES (12/23/2006)
For some reason executing the statement through VB is coming back with a syntax error.  I have also tried
INSERT INTO mytest (bdate) VALUES ("12/23/2006") and
INSERT INTO mytest (bdate) VALUES ('12/23/2006')
the last of which gives me a date string conversion error.  The others just come back as being syntax error.
Does anyone know why this would be happening?  

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EDDYKTConnect With a Mentor Commented:

schealthAuthor Commented:
Tried it, but comes back with same message.  Message being:
E42000: (-201) A syntax error has occured.
Have you tried
INSERT INTO mytest (bdate) VALUES (" & DATE (fSDAT) & ")"
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schealthAuthor Commented:
Ok, I did try it, and I still come up with the same error message.
I tried both INSERT INTO mytest (bdate) VALUES (" & DATE(fSDAT) & ")"
and INSERT INTO mytest (bdate) VALUES ( DATE" & fSDAT & ")"  neither worked.
I have tried the following command in CuteSQL and worked fine, but will not work
coming from VB:
INSERT INTO mytest (bdate) VALUES ('12/23/2006')
Not sure if there is a problem with passing a variable or what the isue is, but char and
numeric values seem to pass fine with the same statement.

hesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Guessing but

INSERT INTO mytest (bdate) VALUES ('" & CDate (fSDAT) & "')"

added a single quote before and after the variable and using VB date conversion
schealthAuthor Commented:
I just tried to use CDate conversion and the message it gave me now is that
EIX000: (-1218) String to date conversion error
Without the single quotes the same error as above.
E42000: (-201) A syntax error has occured
schealthAuthor Commented:
I finially did get this one to work.  For some reason I did have the right statement, however it wanted the date formated as yyyy/mm/dd.  I apreciate all the help and will split the points acordingly.
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