Controling Multiple AP's


Does anyone know of a good way to control mulitple access points in the same building without having to go around each one. The building in question will need about 12 ap's in order to cover it. Once each one is set up I don't want to go and have to alter each one, however there will be a high turn over of clients using them. I will need some sort of security but it can't be a static pass code (Due to the high turnover of clients) and it can't be based on mac address filtering for the same reason. I have looked into wireless LAN conrollers from both CISCO and 3com but these seem a bit expesive. Is there a cheaper way of doing this???

PS. They all require the same SSID and the same security settings


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Danny_LaroucheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I recommend 2 brands for professional installation: Valuepoint and Colubris,  nothing else!!!

Both have wlan controllers and corporate class products
I'm not for certain about this, but I would imagine adding some inexpensive AP's Like "LINKSYS WAP54G Wireless-G 54Mbps Access Point" available at.. 

..would do the trick relatively inexpensively.  To avoid interference from different AP's be sure no two AP's within signal range of eachother are on the same channel.  Set them up with the same SSID's, security settings, and firmware versions.  
About a year ago I rolled out a client with several Linksys APs that supported web based authentication page, but I can't recall the exact model number.  You could still use the cheaper APs and just set them to use WPA and a RADIUS server.  You can use Microsoft IAS for the RADIUS server or FreeRadius so there will be no cost there, but your clients will need to run 802.1xclients (built in to XP but freely available for 2000).  Not sure if that is any option.

If not, I would stick with web authentication capable APs.  They'll probably run you $300/each for any of the SOHO brands (Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, etc) but will allow you to keep an external single database which should be easily maintained with high turnover.
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Look into mikrotik

I would use the hotspot feature and user manager.

You can configure a radius server like windows 2000 or the like.  TACACS is cisco's product and will cost you about $8 G's.  Look into radious products....
Danny the link seems to be broken... could you check on it and maybe repost for us?  
As in4ni said, is the right URL for Value Point network. Sorry for the typos.
Zanthras1stAuthor Commented:
Thanks Value point is doing the trick, sorry we took so long to close
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