"aspnetdb_log.ldf" may be incorrect.

I am receiving this error when I am not using this database at all. There must be a frerence somewhere that says to use this database but I cant find it.

In my login page I call a custom method for authentication and redirect to the default.aspx page. The default.aspx throws the error regarding the aspnetdb file.

Any ideas?

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ethothsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using a membeship provider or websparts with personalisation? Many new ASP.net 2.0 providers use a dql express database to persist user info and it looks like you might be accidentally using one.
tmueller18Author Commented:
i am using a memebership provider.

is there a setting in the web.config to explicitly turn off the built in .NET provider. I am not using the aspnet database but rather my own.

tmueller18Author Commented:
a customer membership provider that is

tmueller18Author Commented:
i had some webpart code floating around.

thanks for the tip!

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