SWFlash.ocx unable to register itself in the System Registry

I'm trying to install Encarta World Atlas 98 (Yes it's old =P) on my XP Home machine and it keeps coming up with this error during installation.


Anyone know what's up?

Thanks =)

Oh and I used to have it installed about a year ago so it did used to work.
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The_ProfessionalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to have the flash.ocx there so that is why you are having the problem .

Use this tool and uninstall flash player again.


Then install the latest flash again.
then Search your machine for the file "flash.ocx"
copy or write down the full path to this file. It -should- be
If the file is NOT in that folder, copy it into that folder. Make sure there are NO other .ocx files in that folder. If there is an 'swflash.ocx' delete it.
Choose Start> Run
In the run dialog, type or paste exactly this line. :
RegSvr32 C:/Windows/System32/Macromed/Flash/Flash.ocx

If that registers OK then try the install of Encarta again.
Hi Olliedv,
have you installed a newer version of the macromedia flash player in your computer?
If that is the case uninstall it
then install your software
make sure that it works
then re install the newest version (if you feel inclined to do so)

OlliedvAuthor Commented:
Thans for the tip :)

I uninstalled Flash Player but the error still comes up =(
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First make sure you have the latest flash installed.

Check and make sure you have this file on your computer.
It should be here.
C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash and make sure the flash.ocx file is there.

Then in the run dialog type this

RegSvr32 C:/Windows/System32/Macromed/Flash/Flash.ocx

Then try and reinstall Encarta
OlliedvAuthor Commented:
I installed the latest version and the only files similar to that are Flash8.ocx and Flash9.ocx
Hello Olliedv.

By the sounds of it... it seems that its the software itself, rather than the flash player. By software i am refering to your Encarta software.

Im guessing that it just doesnt understand the XP registary, so it cant install.

This isnt realy an awnser, but i would advise you to buy a new version.

If it says on the CD box "compatible with WIndows 95", then it wont work with XP.

OlliedvAuthor Commented:
I was thinking that but then I remembered having it installed on this machine about a year ago. Hmm...
OlliedvAuthor Commented:

Thanks so much The_Professional =D  

If amazingly I ever meet you, I'll buy you a beer =)

Thanks once again.
Glad I could help :)
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