Exchange / Server 2000 - 2003 Migration CHECK

I am planning on Migrating our Server and Exchange system tonight or tommorow. I wanted to make sure my plans were going to work.

Current: Windows SBS 2000 with Exchange 2000 setup (called: server2). Single exchange server. 2nd Server as a 2nd DC hosting files. (called: file1)

New Server: Windows 2003 STD, Exchange 2003 SP2.  (called: bom3)

I plan to migrate DC and exchange to the new server, and use as our main system until next weekend. Take down the current 2 servers and do a fresh load of server 2003 STD on them and use them as appserver (server2) and fileserver (file1). I do plan on DCPROMO server2 back up into a 2nd DC for backup purposed and making file1 as a member server.

1. DCPROMO down file1. (file1 server not going to be used as a DC anymore)
2. Exmerge exchange 2000 (for backup purposes)
3. Join bom3 to domain.
4. DCPROMO bom3 up to domain controller
5. Verify server replicated.
6. Use the exchange migration wizard (which ive never used) to migrate exchange. (hoping thats rather straight fwd)
7. Verify SMTP services operating properly.
8. Question: since the exchange server changed names, do I have to change outlook on all workstations? (theres 50)
If I do have to change outlook to (bom3) will all settings remain? (like outlook rules)
9. Once users are working, DCPROMO down server2 so all DC roles are on bom3.
10. Format and load 2003 server STD on server2.
11. Join server2 to domain.
12. DCPROMO up server2 as 2nd DC (for backup).

Server2 is also the DNS server, how do I get this transferend to bom3?  (all computers have server2 IP as there DNS, I want bom3 to now be our DNS)
My big concern is replicating user accounts and migrating exchange database to new server so that everything is being served from bom3 and I can safely take down server2. Im not sure if I can just move the priv1.edb file or what. I have read a lot about this online but theres always a little bit different situation, so i wanted your guidance to confirm.

I thank you in advance for your expertise.
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redseatechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Natetech,

OK, first, here are 2 guides for what you are trying to do - I have used the first one successfully, and highly respect the author of the second one.

There are a few rules here that need to be followed.  First, NEVER dcpromo a machine that has exchange installed (and I hope you are aware that exchange on a DC is not ideal).  Second, this is going to take about a week to replicate public folders - which needs to be done before anything else.

Also, make sure that both exchange servers are online after you have moved the mailboxes to the new server - then you will not have to touch the outlook clients (they will go to the old server, which will redirect them to the new server, from then on, that is where they will look!)

As for changing DNS, you are stretching the limit of how far one question in the exchange server TA should really go (especially considering it is a 250 point Q :)) but, I will tell you anyway.  You should have DHCP configured on your network, which will give you the option to set clients DNS servers.  All you need to do on the server is install DNS and then configure it (very simple)

Finally, no, you cannot simply move the EDB files - that isn't going to work.  Follow the above guides, and you should be set.

Hope that helps,

NatetechAuthor Commented:

well so far thats great stuff, im reading now. I see my exchange 2000 is in Mixed Mode, is that a problem? should I change it to Native mode? will that effect anything else?
Do you have any exchange 5.5 servers around?

If not, up the level to native mode - it would only be bad if you had a 5.5 server hanging around

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NatetechAuthor Commented:
Well things are going well. I have ran all prep steps and changed to exchange native mode.

My question for the day is:
Whats the big deal about have making my exchange server a DC?

I planed to DCPROMO up my server and then installed exchange.  But you said thats a bad idea, why?
We only have about 60 users, 50 mailboxes. There is a total of 3 servers. 1 fileserver (older 1.8Ghz) 1 appserver (my current exchange which will by the appserver) and then my new server which is going to be exchange. I want to have 2 DC for backup purposes, and I didnt want really plan on having the older fileserver as a 2nd DC.

Throw me a bone and hit me to why exchange an DC on the same box is soooo bad....

the reason being if anything happens the dc or exchange its just alot more complicated fixing it rather than having exchange on a member server on its own
That is one of the reasons to not have exchange on a DC,

Here are all them;

Security is one, as is Performance.

If you have the option, do not have exchange on a DC - if you do not have the option, then just install it.

Small Business Server FORCES you to have exchange on the DC, so it does work, it is just not ideal

A 1.8ghz machine is fine for a domain controller. I have run DCs on much less. At home one of my DCs is a 500 mhz PIII running Windows 2003. A little slow but fine for a DC.

DC doesn't have to be a massive amount of power, so if you have an older machine then I would be tempted to cough out on a new Windows 2003 license for it and use it as a DC.

Changing the role of the machine with Exchange installed from a DC to a member server (or vice versa) is not supported. It breaks lots of things - mainly IIS, so OWA would be broken.

60 users is more than enough for a dedicated Exchange server. I usually suggest it from 30 users or above. Once you start hitting the limits of SBS it is time to go to dedicated machines.

NatetechAuthor Commented:
Thankx for your input SemBee.

Now I know have a better idea of my power expectations. However its not the power of the machine Im concerned with its the depedability.  That machine was a clone built server, using a basic Asus P4 MBB, its about 4 years old. Im worried that it can go down, thats mainly it.

Your commets would have made do things differently, but I setup my exchange as a DC yesterday and its in place and going.
I have a few questions and issues, mabey fir a new post.
But here they are anyway:

My old exchange server is my DNS server. I need to wipe and load 2003 server on it soon. I am keeping it up until everone gets on the new exchange ok. But should I host DNS on my exchange server now that its also a DC?  otherwise ill have to put DNS on something until I get it reloaded, and then its going to be my appserver, should it be put back on my appserver? otherwise ill have to put it on my old P4 1.8 that I didnt want to make a DC.

Also I have several users with errors when they send/recieve. I have reserched/read/followed several microsoft articals and other posts closely, still with an issue. They are 'connected' says outlook and they do send and get email. But when you hit 'send/recieve' they get an error.

It was not able to replicate my OAB version2 or my public folders because I have an error on my old exchage server under public folders that I have never been able to resolve.  "The objest is no longer available" ID no: 80040e19.

So i was just expecting these new folders to be created, but they dont exist on the new server. We dont have much in the way of public folders just a calender and a few in the contacts which I have already imported from a pst.


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