Partition ext3 on at SD card that is FAT16 for PPC

I have a UTstarcom 6700  (PPC-6700), with a 1 GB mini-SD card.  

I am following this guide to put Linux on my smartphone:

I was wondering if there is any programs out there that I could use to partition this card, without using a Linux PC?

I have used a product from this link :
To format it with FAT16, but I haven't been able to find a method to format a Linux partition, and I don't have a Linux loaded PC at my disposal right now.

Any suggestions?
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If you have any PC at your disposal right now you can use Knoppix ( which is a Live-CD Linux distribution (basically Linux that runs directly from the CD without the need for installation). When you boot to Knoppix you'll be able to make ext3 file-systems, and you don't need to spare a computer for more than 10 minutes for that.
linux also supports Fat 16

or you can use some  linux distos like Cygwin, etc

or use any live cds ( ubundu fedora etc )  
I'm not sure why would you want to do this as there aren't too many devices except a PC that would be able to READ a card formatted to ext3 (or any other FS except FAT).
My recommendation is that you stick with the FAT16 FS for this purpose. As ygoutham has noted, Linux has complete support for reading/writing to FAT.
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TPNetworksAuthor Commented:
Another ref:

This will be a bootable Linux O/S, from the SD card, so that my UTstarcom PPC-6700 will use Linux.  

I haven't been able to get it working with Fat16
TPNetworksAuthor Commented:
Awesome!!!!!!!!!       I am a nuub at all of this.  I think I have a few Linux distros, like slimlinux and fastlinux..    I will try knoppix right now though since Im away from the office.

Come back if you have any problems :)
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