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Transparent Bitmap

I have a bitmap with a white background. I have tried to use the TransparentBlt function to copy this onto a Window with the current background still displaying. It works except for certain white pixels that remain. I cannot see why this is occuring as the bitmap has only got a few colours.

I also tried using the TransparentBlt function that appeared on Code guru with the same results. What am I doing wrong?
1 Solution
I think u r saving ur bitmap in .gif format.
try the .jpeg or .png format for saving ur bitmap.
ur response.contentype is .gif also here u try the jpeg or png format
philsmicronetAuthor Commented:
The bitmap is a bitmap stored in the visual C solution. I am using LoadImage which comes from a resource.
First of all try to identify in which format you are saving bitmap. It's necessary b'coz we had the same problem & tried .jpeg or .png instead of .gif.

philsmicronetAuthor Commented:
The file came from a jpeg. We then save it as a .bmp file and then inserted this in a resource from Visual Studio. I am not sure how else we can do this.
Hey  philsmicronet

my guess is that htese pixels are "not exactly" white.
try to open the bitmap, in some editor (visual studio editor, can also do it), and use the fill tool, to fill the white area, in another color, let's say red.
my guess, is that these pixels, will remain "white".
If so, you can now edit them in the editor, to change it's color to real white (255,255,255).

if this is not the cae, please post again.

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