Spinner to Numaric Variable?

I have been working on a GUI Java program for a course I'm taking and I can't get a spinner to be treated as a numaric value so I can add it up and display it. I would ask my teacher, but he hardly speaks english and I usually come out more confused than when I started. So, please, please, please help be my teacher.

Here is the prob, I need the mondaySpinner and the tuesdaySpinner to add up and then average and display. I have left out the average, and the other days of the week, because I first wanted to see if I could get any number out of the spinners before going further. And, I know the code is really messy, but I get graded on whether it works, and the teacher doesn't look at the structure of the code.

Look at the Name.java file in this zip file: http://www.instantinfo.net/Name.zip

Thanks in advance,

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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

move that into your formatName method

   protected String formatName() {
        if (!NameSet) return "<<< Start.";

        String firstname = firstnameField.getText();
        String lastname = lastnameField.getText();
        String Sex = (String)SexSpinner.getValue();
        String idnumber = idnumberField.getText();
            Number monday = (Number)mondaySpinner.getValue();
            Number tuesday = (Number)tuesdaySpinner.getValue();
int total = monday.intValue() + tuesday.intValue();
double qAverage = (double)total / 2.0;
        String empty = "";

        if ((firstname == null) || empty.equals(firstname))
            firstname = "<em>(no First Name specified)</em>";
        if ((lastname == null) || empty.equals(lastname))
            lastname = "<em>(no Last Name specified)</em>";

        StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
        sb.append("<html><p align=left>");
        sb.append(" ");

        return sb.toString();
You were going in the right direction:


but i would make Name implement ChangeListener and add it as a listener to both spinners. Each time there's a change, calculate the total and increment the number of changes that have occurred. When you're ready

avg = total / numberOfChanges
> Number monday = mondaySpinner.getValue();

u were close, just need to cast

Number monday = (Number) mondaySpinner.getValue();

then do the same with tuesday

Number tuesday= (Number) tuesdaySpinner.getValue();

and sum:

int sum = monday.intValue() + tuesday.intValue();

and average:

double average = (double) sum / 2.0;
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You don't need to cast - get the int value as you were doing already, as i quoted above
alternatively if you don't want to cast keep a reference to the model and access it from there.

Number monday = mondaySpinnerModel.getNumber();
kickaburyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick responses. I couldn't get the mondaySpinner.getNumber().intValue() to compile without erroring. Not sure why, but Number monday = (Number) mondaySpinner.getValue(); works. I was able to make "monday" display, but I can't get the average to work and display.

Here is the new zip file: http://www.instantinfo.net/Name2.zip
kickaburyAuthor Commented:
Ahh. Nice. It works great. Thank you so much.

Before I close this out, one more quick question. I should probably add some simple directions like "Please enter the number of sales for each day of the week." I tried to add a JTextArea right above the mondaySpinner, it compiles, then spits out all kinds of crazy messages when I try to run it. Can I easily add a line of text, or should I leave good enough alone?

Thanks again.
use a JLabel for that.
kickaburyAuthor Commented:
I put the instructions in the righthand box. It looks and works great. Thanks a million.
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