Edit gpedit.msc to allow changes in Internet > Security > Internet Zone: Security Levels

As you probably know, the default policies will cause any changes you make (even as administrator) to revert back to to HIGH. I've disabled/enables mutiple policies, but no luck in getting this one to allow changes.
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hclgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open up you command prompt and type gpresult /z or v..........here you will see which policies are being applied at what level as well as the ones that are being overidden.
do you have GPO's that are overriding the local policies
could you provide more details as to where you are trying to modifiy policies and where you want them applied
Ryman1Author Commented:
For example, I cannot recieve HTML emails unless I right click each and every one to allow it.

Also, If I move my Internet Security Levels to Medium-Low, some policy changes it right back to Medium.
the are domain policies that are set that overide local policies hence the reason the changs you make are not applying
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