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I was wondering if someone could give me a brief explanation of how Citrix Metaframe works (ICA client, where apps are published, how it works with printers etc)? I've looked on the Citrix site, and there doesn't seem to be anything for people that just want a general overview? Clients would be logging in via NFuse/Secure Gateway.

Alternatively, if anyone knows of any layman links that would be great!

Many thanks in advance. Am giving 500 points in the hope that someone can provide a decent explanation with the common problems encountered (and their resolution).
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ICA client is much like remote desktop connection.  It attaches you to a desktop.  If you stick a specific application in the ica settings, it attaches you and runs the application that you tell it too.  Nfuse is its own connection protocol that is web based and it presents to the person connecting some icons that they can run or a desktop.  You can also have it so that when people log in via Nfuse a specific app starts.  Apps are published by logging into the citrix management area and choosing, publish an app.  Now, when you configure ica clients or confugure nfuse, you get a list of published applications.  For non Nfuse connections, you can put the icon of a publish app right on the desktop of a machine and when they click it, they really aren't supposed to know it isn't running locally.

Problems:  printing.  NO PCL 6 drivers!  NO custom drivers.  Configure all printers with the hp laserjet 4 or laserjet 5 driver and only deviate from that if you must.  At this point, try the citrix upd (universal printer driver.)  If you must install a 3rd party printer driver consider not using that printer.  Buy an HP.  If you must use a 3rd party print driver, buy tricerat screwdrivers for that server.

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Thanks very much!
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