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I have a website that I manage at the moment and they are looking to increase their search enging ranking. I understand how both well written content and in-bound links are a crucial part of this campaign.

I was wondering, at the moment within their content they link to other resources (external links)... if it doesn't infringe copyright and the conent provider agrees, would it make sense for them to copy the content of the external linked pages so that it included within their website rather than link away from their website?

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weikelbobConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you duplicate content on the web, put something on your site that is already on another, it will not help your rankings - here's why:

Google and the others will index the original site's content and then see that your content is a newer copy and disregard your content as far as SEO goes. I believe this is because spamming sites used to try to erect dozens or hundreds of sites with all copied information, and Google tries very, very hard to eliminate spam. If there's another reason, perhaps another expert can fill in the details.

Anyway, the content will be pretty much ignored - no help, and probably no penalty.

"Unique Content" is a very important term in SEO - we strive to carefully construct unique, quality content on all pages of an optimized website.

infringement or no infringement.

Your website rankings will not improve with copied content.

rito1Author Commented:
Thanks ASHISH for your response. I'm confused. Surely if the content is relevant then it would make sense for it to appear on the site?

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"Surely if the content is relevant then it would make sense for it to appear on the site?"


From SEO point of view ?
Absolutely not.

Ashish T.
rito1Author Commented:
Hi Ashish

thanks for your time.

Please would you mind expanding on why not?... I am on a learning curve :-)

HackneyCabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't copy content without permission. Full stop.

Firstly, as weikelbob correctly states, duplicate content will most likely just cause your PageRank to hit zero. Google rightly despises pages that copy the content of other sites. Sites that feature copied content are almost always up to no good.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, if a copyright holder discovers that you have used their text (or images, video, etc) without their full permission, they can issue a demand to your ISP and your site can suddenly be taken offline overnight. (The ISPs are eager to help because they are liable too if they don't help to combat copyright violations.)

So just don't do it.
rito1Author Commented:
excellent, many thanks for your advice.
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