Moving from DSL to T1 using Sonicwall TZ170 Enhances OS

Im getting my company a T1 internet connection as opposed to our current dsl.
We currently have only one static ip address which we use for OWA 2003 AND EMAIL.
What do I need to do on the sonicwall firewall to ensure user can get online ?
do I need a crossover cable to connect the ISP router etherent port to the sonicwall wan port ?
do I need to tell the isp tech not to nat since my sonicwall will be doing that ?
do I need to tell him to put the router into transparent mode ?
Ive read that you usally get about 5 ips with a T1 one for router, one for soncwall wan port, 3 for whatever ?
If thats so which IP would I reference when accessisng my OWA, the router IP or Sonicwal IP ?
Any advice would be helpful !!!
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Jeff PerkinsConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
You don't need to use it in bridge mode, or at least I didn't.... if you tell your isp what you are doing, they are usually pretty good about giving you the setup that works. You can bridge, but no need to change it, one to one nat on the sonic wall is the way I usually set it up...
Sorry about the delayed response, been a couple of long days, haven't been near my system.  
1) Ensure that NAT is enabled for the trust side of the firewall.
2) Set up port forwarding in the firewall for the exchange server.  You will want it to be able to accept incoming smtp connections.
3) You should not need a crossover cable.  But it never hurts to have one handy.
4) If you're going to get a block of 8 ips you can set whatever you desire to use them.  Only 5 of them will be usable ( 1 for broadcast, 1 for network, 1 for wan side of router)
derek4017Author Commented:


RANGE:              - DLCI 3232

WAN IP addresses are used for NuVox equipment only. These should not be for customer static IP address.

Equipment Information




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derek4017Author Commented:
By the looks of it  I think I need more ip adresses, what do you think
I think you need more information from the ISP
This IP range listed probably has a /30 mask of and would be for the T1 WAN link only for their own equipment.
You would probably need another /30 address for your T1 WAN interface and another /29 block of IP's for your LAN, unless they request that you use "ip unnumbered" on the WAN and just get a block of IP's for your LAN for static assignment..

Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
Why would you need more ip addresses?  Most people don't need all the additional ip addresses.  You need one for the network, and if you want to isolate parts of your network you can use a second or third one, like if you want to run an ftp server seperate from your regular network.  
derek4017Author Commented:
I  think your right riteheer, I dont need but one public ip address, which will hit the sonicwall firewall, and from
there the firewall will port forward any OWA or smtp traffic to the destination I choose internally.
That sound right ?
I just didnt understand the ips cutsheet with number of ip address n\a.
only for nuvox equipment.
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
Yup, that sounds about right to me. I did the same setup a while back and used a second address from the range the isp gave me to isolate an ftp server. Works great, I think after you use the tz170 for a while you will really like it. I have several of them around the area here.
Good luck and let us know if you need any more help.
derek4017Author Commented:
Okay well while I was at lunch the Nuvox guy
came and installed the T1 router although the scheduled date for cut over was this thrusday.
Guy told my boss he was just here to install it and make sure it could connect okay..
Next guy will be here thursday to finish I guess and also do our new point to point t1.. between our locations.
The router is a cisco 1720 one wic one ethernet port. Told boss that I could not have username and password. dooh..
I plugged my laptop into ethernet port and of course dhcp is running, that has to change..
I went to and got
should I tell the guy thursday that I need the router in bridge mode ??
derek4017Author Commented:
Someone posted this in a sonicwall forum.
Does this sound right riteheer ?

You would typically get a block of IP addresses with the T1. Assign the lowest address to the routers Ethernet port and the next address to the SonicWALL's WAN port. Then, you can do One-to-One NAT on the remaining addresses to pass them to individual servers that need to be accessible from the outside world.

Good luck!
derek4017Author Commented:
I think I should use Ip unnumbered instead of bridging.
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