kubuntu - install mc and acrobat reader

How will I install mc and acroread under kubuntu 6.10?
Can't find it in add/remove. apt-get install mc # fails as well
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LuxanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you need to add universe and multiverse repositories. You can use GUI for this purpose or just edit /etc/apt/source.list

package for acrobad read is acroread so

#apt-get install acroread

and packages for kdevelop:

kde-devel-extras - extra development applications for use with KDE
kdevelop3 - An IDE for Unix/X11 - development version
kdevelop3-data - An IDE for Unix/X11 - data
kdevelop3-dev - An IDE for Unix/X11 - development files
kdevelop3-doc - An IDE for Unix/X11 - documentation
kdevelop3-plugins - An IDE for Unix/X11 - development files

hope this helps

ravenplAuthor Commented:
And You can add kdevelop to the list...
Disclaimer:I've never used any of the Ubuntu flavors.

Have you tried downloading the source and compiling/installing it?  Would you need any help doing that?

http://www.adobe.com/  Find the download section, and I believe the website will try to automatically detect which version you need.  I believe that this is actually an executable installer that's very similar to the Windows installer.
http://www.kdevelop.org/ Click "Current Stable Version."
ravenplAuthor Commented:
Excelent - I wonder why it's not there by default?
However adding multiuniverse repo results in Ignore or Not Found during 'apt-get update'? What could I do wrong?
deb http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy multiuniverse
deb-src http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy multiuniverse
deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy-security multiuniverse
deb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy-security multiuniverse


not sure, you can try some other repositories just to see if that is cause the same problem.

deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy multiuniverse
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