Typing backwards

Sometimes when I type something, the letters are typed backwards. For example: Mark becomes Kram.

does anyone know how I can stop getting into that mode?

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Do you suspect a computer problem or a neurological condition?

If it's just a matter of typing habits, I would think you just need to slow down a tad :)

CFIBAuthor Commented:
it is something that happens when a key is hit on my keyboard. it is not that i am physically typing it in backwards.
If you are using word open tools-> autocorrection and look for common words that you have notice that flip backward perhaps someone is playing a trick on you i did that to my teacher when i was in high school...lol
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I've never heard of this, but I'd look in the language settings.  You might have a setting to use a language that reads right-to-left.
is this in any application, or only in MS word?  Will any word flip, or only certain words?  For the words that flip, do they always flip, or only flip when you press a particular key?
CFIBAuthor Commented:
I found the answer. It is in IE. View/Encoding. There is a right to left or a left to right setting. Question closed.
Austin TexasSystems EngineerCommented:
That is interesting.  Especialy in that it doesn't work that way on my workstation.  On mine, the right to left still accepts the text left to right, only right justified.  For example, I'm typing this in right to left right now and not having any problems.  Perhaps mine is the one that's broken?
wow this is nice .....................but when you type "wow" ..... it remains like the same at my side :)  
): !rehtie krow ot ti teg t'nac I

just cross your hands over they keyboard.

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wiiiiii, thanx!
This is not a resolution.  I have a similar problem, but only with the search engines.  Typing normally everywhere else, except for the search engine address bar.

Right to left encoding in IE isn't the answer.  I've got a user that this happens to sporadically.  They are typing normal.  The cursor is on the left, but as they type the letters scroll out to the right and the cursor stays still, so everything ends up backwards.  They don't appear to have any keys stuck and they don't have any languages installed other than US English.
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