Switch Settings on Modem connected to Aux Port Cisco 2600 Router

on connecting a usr v.92 modem to aux port cisco router 2600... what should switch settings on modem be?
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Freya28Connect With a Mentor Commented:
no you wouldnt need to add anythign else.  i have this set up for dial in access via POTS lines on about 20 different routers.

he said the aux port.  it looks like your config looks like ISDN settings.  he would not need a dialergroup and dialermaps for connecting a modem to the aux port. not at all.

this is the default switch setting that works

            1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10
OFF      X   X            X   X            X    X
ON                  X  X            X   X

Hope this is better for you
I'm asuming you using this as a backup line...  Use the following

Dialing out of the router

Dialing out of the router (router dialing out as a backup line)

Aux Port

Pins all UP 3 and 8 DOWN

If you change it turn it off for 30 seconds

Should hear it dial out within one minute.
Dialing into the router

Dialing into the router

Console port

Turn off the us robotics

Pins all up but 7 down

***PC side… set up same as dialing out of a router…

At (then return)

ATDTxxxxxxxxxx (dials the number…)
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leave the modem switches the way they are.  you will have to configure the router with this command in global config mode'

modemcap entry usrmodem:MSC=&FS0=1&C1&D3&H1&R2&B1

then in the aux 0 line settings add these

line aux 0
 password yourpassword
 modem InOut
 modem autoconfigure type usrmodem
 transport input all
 autoselect during-login
 autoselect ppp
 speed 19200
 flowcontrol hardware

this should take care of it.
Freya28 - he asked what the pins should be set to... ?  Also, in your configs wouldnt you need to add something like

interface Async65                                                        
 description Dail to xxxxx
 ip address x.x.x.x
 no ip directed-broadcast
 encapsulation ppp
 no ip route-cache
 no ip mroute-cache
 dialer in-band
 dialer map ip x.x.x.x name xxxxx modem-script dial broadcast xxxxxxxxx (phone number)
 dialer map ipx 106591.00e0.b05a.639d name Waco2511 modem-script dial broadcast xxxxxxxxx (phone number)
 dialer-group 1
 async default routing
 async mode interactive
 pulse-time 3
 ppp authentication chap callin
 ppp chap password 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
txpaulrsAuthor Commented:
TOUCHDOWN!!! Freya28!!! This answer is very much appreciated.  Thanks to all who contributed.
anytime.  glad i could help
Ok, I have 67 sites and we use the console port for dail in and aux for dail out access, when you stated aux I assumed you were using it as a backup line (dialing out of the router) which is why I gave the phone number.  These settings are NOT for ISDN.  They are used for pots.  

Frey you must not be using the pots for a "backup" line because there is no way your configs would work at all.  All those configs do is allow a dial in.
no one ever said they were used for a backup line.  I didnt say it and neither did txpaulrs.  and that would explain why i wrote this

"i have this set up for dial in access via POTS lines on about 20 different routers"
Your right no one ever said Frey... thats why my first words in the post here was "I'm asuming you using this as a backup line...  Use the following

Dialing out of the router"

we all make mistakes.  LOL  have a good day chief
LOL... kma
that very nice,  thanks
Have a good day Frey!  :-)
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