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I am looking for a script/program to automatically log into my computer at a specific time. Essentially. I want my Windows computer to be locked from the time I leave the office till say 9am the next morning.

What is the best way to automatically logon to my computer? Thanks.
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Ian MeredithConnect With a Mentor Commented:
G'day sypder,

I have a great program for you thats pretty inexpensive ($30 US for a standard license).

Its from Splinterware (splinterware.com) and the program is called System Scheduler Professional

Its very good.  We use it at work and its great program for what you pay for it.  Its one of those schedulers that allows you to lauch programs, send keystrokes to the program.  

It will allow you to schedule a time of day to auto login.

Hope it helps,
Ian  (OZI OZI)
Hi sypder,
You may get some responses about how to do this, but I would strongly recommend against it.
What happens if you're not in the office at 9am?
Anyone who walks by at 9:01 will see your workstation wide open and can perform any function they want - as you.

Do you really want the big boss getting a rude email from YOU?
Is there no file anywhere on your computer that you would rather keep private from anybody who sits down.

If you could describe a little more about what your end goal is, maybe there is a different way to approach it.

sypderAuthor Commented:
Oh yes.

The office staff comes in at 9am, and I do want them to have access to the computer. I just don't want some stranger that comes in in the middle of the night to have access.

I am not really concerned by the lack of security of having my computer unlock at a specific time.
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if you want to give access to your data only on your pc, then you can share that data so that others can access it while you are not in office but if you want to give access to the programs on your computer then you may use remote desktop connection or VNC like software so that people can access your pc remotely
you will find VNC here -



expanding on phadke's comment:

if you're running a windows domain environment you can set "logon hours" or you can set your workstations to "lock" after (x) amount of inactivity. so that way they can walk away and the computer will be protected.

if this is your computer you're sharing (and  not in a domain) then you should probably follow phadke's idea and set up a login for them to use on your computer...

are you running windows xp?

also, there is no script that can lock/unlock a computer...

so that's out.
You have searche the net for time time or reminder software
Other than asking the cleaner to logon for you, or VNC in to logon, then the software might be the go.

Please elaborate on what you want your co-workers to be able to do. Is it data access as has been asked? If others do not have to be able to interactively run programs on this SPECIFIC machine using YOUR account then I highly recommend against setting this up for all the reasons others mentioned above.

With that said I recognize that there are times you do what you have to do.

I have a program I need running that must be interactive in a console session to perform properly. So I set up a script to do what you are trying to accomplish. However, I lock the desktop immediately upon logon but you could skip that step. I accomplished this on an XP Pro system using the freeware program AutoIt.

As I mentioned last night, automatic (or blank) logons need to be discouraged in any circumstance.

This simplest (and most secure) means to accomplish what you need is to create separate accounts for any of these office workers and let them log on when they arrive.

If you are really - really not concerned at all with security, then make a 'generic' account (with "strong" password) and let the first one in the door log on (then go make coffee).

The 'log on hours' concept is worth looking at, because you can just have the computer available to that 'generic' account from 0900-1700 (or whatever your normal business hours are).

Good Luck,
sypderAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for the input. Ian's program looks perfect. In this case, security isn't really an issue.
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