Automated Printer Install & network drive mapping for Win2K3 Domain clients


I manage a medium-size network consists of PCs running WinXP Pro & servers running Win2K3 with Active Directory domain.

I've configured a few network printers & shared folders on the servers.

How can I automate the process of installing the printers & mapping the shared folders for the user whenever they log in.

Thank you.
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hong7congConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For mapping network driver, you just need to create file (using Notepad, for example) with bellow lines

NET USE F: \\Fileservername\Sharename1
NET USE G: \\Fileservername\Sharename2

name the file (like logon.bat) and put the file into the Netlogon folder of your server and put the file name into user account's profile (you might use this logon script for event a OU)

For setting up network printer and you still want to stay with MS, you can have some example from this site. I'm also  using this method for my network.

harazyAuthor Commented:
Whenever the user log in to their PC, or any other PC they're permitted to log in.
You can go for login scripts which would map shared folders using Net use command. Look under Group policies.

To the task of installing printers, you may have to configure it to run with Admin priv.

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check this utility for shared folders -

you may also use the net share command with a batch file or startup script

if you publish your shared printers in active directory, users logging on to domain will get those printers automatically, no need to install seperately.
harazyAuthor Commented:
Jonybrv, do you have a sample script? I'd like to see it as a guide.

Phadke, if possible, I'd like to stay clear of any third party utility. Glad if you could provide a sample script.

Yes, I publish the shared printers in active directory, but the printers are not shown in the user's printers & faxes folder.
i have published our printer in AD, whenever user logs on to domain, the printer automatically gets added to his profile
The script given by hong7cong is also good.
bobsyeruncleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use logon scripts in grou policy.

VB Script to map printer

Dim net
Set net = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
net.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\server\printer", "Printer Name"

VB Script to map network drive

Dim objNet
Set objNet = CreateObject("Wscript.Network")
objNet.MapNetworkDrive "S:", "\\server\share"
harazyAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys,

I'll try each one, and tell you the result later.

harazyAuthor Commented:
Sorry & Thanks to all you guys who helped me.
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