Exchange 2003 SP1 just wont take

I have had a history with this particular server now ... i took a vm image to a physical box..


the only things i can see probs with are

users or rather USER reporting slowness with server at points in the day (could be user) im fine with that for now

OMA is not working and DID before.

i have done a variety of things to fix this.. it has mainly bubbled around the error 0x85010014

Theres lots on EE about this and i have tried 10's and 10's

i have lost OWA... i have lost mail.... i have had a corrupt mapi32.dll

right now i am working again

on an sbs system:

i have win2k3 sp1
reinstalled exchagne 2003 (it worked this time after i set services to manual)
I CANNOT GET EXCH sp 1 to go on
it continously reports that the sp1 on the server is newer ( abre in mind i did do a restore.. but i beleive i am using the same discs
and when i try to apply patch KB831464 it tells me its newer than patch.. no need to patch and fails before it starts.

I STILL dont have OMA... and the MD of this client wants his mobile email

I have already seen lots on OMA and this error code. I HAVE set all sorts of permission etc.. from various posts

im afraid i need an absolute OMA setup;... Again from links i have gone to one of these...

can someone verify that http://server/oma is suppsoed to show a text version of inbox etc... I am NOT GETTING THIS ..



RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAsked:
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Wait a minute... you say you have a Windows Server 2003 SP1, but after you reinstalled SBS, and BEFORE you applied your restore, did you install ALL 5 PARTS of SBS's SP1?  (  Or did you just install Windows Server 2003 SP1?

RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
how do i recreate the OMA


RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
tried this.. it DID NOT work

please help

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RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I have upgraded to exchange sp2... BUT

same problem..

arrghh... i need an answer


RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
no i restored data... and NOW have applied sp1 for w2k3 and TRIED to install sharepoint .. (already on though) tried to install exchsp1 ... did the winxp sp2 deployment and the did sbs update to sp1.
RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:

I have installed SP2. and deleted VD's and recreated as per a microsoft step by step.


http://server/oma web logged in STILL shows blank ????

But the MD is getting his email. However he has said there has been some crashes today.... HOORAY!

IT IS Working..

however. OTHER existing users that have had no changes to the PDA's using same PDA..

When they sync they get 0x685010004 "You account does not hav permission to sync with your current settings. Contact your Microsoft Exchange administrator"

I have setup new users and this happens too

I have checked the AD and they DO HAVE all OMA features turned on... What else could it be

thanks to all that have helped ..... thus far


RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I Dont have a "DEVICE SECURITY" option in my "Mobile Services" in ESM.

Exchange 2003 SP2 ...

Many Thanks

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