Mapped drive opens as file

Hi Experts,

I have a very strange problem. I have a map drive mapped to a shared resource on a Win2003 Server. When i try to open the Map drive with a "Douple Click" it opens me the "Open With" window as if i'm opening a file with a strange format with the uniform messgae:

" Chose the Program you want to use to open this file:
File: I:\ "

If i "Right Clicked" it and chosed "Open", it opens normally in Windows Explorer !!!!

I have other map drives and they are working normally, and this map drive is mapped on other machines and is also working normally.

I tried to disconnect it and reconnect again, but still the same. Tried to disconnect it and map it again with another Drive letter, but also the same.

Any Help,
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tomerleiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just a wild guess, maybe in i:\ there is a file named autorun.inf?
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Or perhaps a desktop.ini hidden system file in there?  I had this once but it was for every folder on every drive which brought up the search box - that was fixed by a file association problem but if this is only one drive unlikely to be an issue.

dir /a from cmd.exe prompt to see all files in the root of the drive (or adjust the explorer settings if you prefer)

ashkaatAuthor Commented:
Hi experts,

I tried both before and nothing of these files are there. The strange problem is that occurs on two or three machines while other machines is working well !!!
ashkaatAuthor Commented:
Any Help Guys ??
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Don't know sorrry, that's why I left the Q without any more comments.  If it only effects one machine, does it only effect your profile -- i.e. login as a different user does it do it?  If not then delete your profile locally on that machine while logged in as a different admin and rename your romaing profile and see if that helps (you can easily put it back...).

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