Computer Randomly Shutting Down

Hi all,

I have a stand alone PC running Windows 2000. Recently it has started shutting itself down after aprox half an hour of use. Its as if someone has pulled the plug. After this has happened the power switch will not work and I have to switch it off at the socket first before I can restart it.
I have checked the temp and it is cool enough and I have tried replacing the PSU but still have the same problem.

Can someone suggest what could be wrong with it and how I can fix it.
Many Thanks
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try to change your ram, swap there location on your motherboard, or you can test your ram with this programs :
-look at this article
Bob SampsonHead Of ITCommented:
Although it may be reporting that it is cool, it is possible that is incorrect or that the overheating is occuring on another, non-monitored chip. Usually, RAM issues will cause the machine to either not work at all, or cause completly random outages after varying lengths of time. You were right to check the PSU, but I think you will find the issue is a component on the motherboard. As a matter of course, you should check that you have the latest firmware and BIOS updates for all components. Do you have a spare identical motherboard to test with the unit?
also . . check the mother board for bad capacitors . .
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My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
Check if in the BIOS screens you can see the speed of the FAN... If fan is almost to die, can't be spinning at the max speed and then as time pass by the CPU heat up... it will have to be spin at ~3000 rpm...
are you maybe drawing to much wattage from the power supply?  what all do you have in your computer?  its its a newer machine with a non integrated display adapter, hard drive, cdrom or 2, and a few fans, you will want a 400watt power supply at least.  if you have more than that, 500watt is more than likely the best choice.  you can see the wattage rating on the side of power supply.   i have run in to this more times then i can count.
Check out for the switch in the cpu might u have problem with it r else the battery inside the cpu may have gone ....
Boot into BIOS, go into your Hardware monitor section, leave it here and monitor the temp. If it does not shut down in here after sometime, you can pretty much narrow it down to windows and we can then help you further.
Lieven EmbrechtsSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
The first thing that comes into my mind with this kind of problem is a virus.
Scan it with a good spyware scanner like the free defender beta from microsoft.
Try opening the machine up and dusting it out, makes sure that the fans are clear and that there isn't a build up on the heatsink above the cpu.
. . and while it is open . . look for bulging or leaking capacitors
kiranboiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help guys.
Turns out it was a problem with the RAM
GREAT, Glad you got it
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