SSL with OMA.. why SSL.. how to check SSL how to disable SSL

Hi everyone.. I think everyone knows at the moment i have a problem with OMA in SBS 2003 :)

can i check with people re: SSL. I have not done anything like this with SSL.. on our web team when working with websites.. ive had no involvement.

I have had what i believe to be some ssl errors (POSSIBLY!)

1. How do you check that the SSL certificate is working and not incorrect (I have done a restore to get this server cert back). I.E. valid in the world

2. How do i disable SSL for testing purposes .. So that i can test OMA without SSL .. I have checked the Virtual Directory properties and NON have SSL ticked. But from other posts I know that this DOES NOT mean that it is not on.. Please confirm

3. How do you install a certificate on a windows mobile 5 device?

Many Thanks people.. hopefully this will help me troubleshoot and if nothing else,,,, will help me switch off and test without SSL.

many thanks

RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAsked:
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that error can have loads of causes, see:

you shouldn't change a thing manually in IIS ... perhaps you did and now problems occur ... .
You should let all things be handles wy the wizards, NOT manually.

If you want to export the cert (if the cert is correct), do it this way:

1.    Open Internet Explorer
2. Go to your servers HTTPS website ie. https://companyweb 
2.    OR go to IIS, right click companyweb > properties > directory security > view certificate > details > export
3. Double Click on the Padlock Icon in the bottem right of the screen.  This
will show you the certificate details.
4. Click the Details Tab
5. Click to the "Copy to file" button
6. The Certificate Export Wizard will begin.  Click Next
7. Click Next to accept the DER encode option
8. Enter c:\sbsexp.cer in the path
9. Click Finish.
10 Copy the c:\sbsexp.cer to the PPC.
11 On the Pocket PC, open File explorer, navigate to the sbsexp.cer file and
double click to open it. this will import the Certificate allowing a SSL

make sure the correct ports are open to your server, port 443
Hi roycasella,

Please put you questions in the same post if possible ... You already started 3 posts on the same issue .... .
about ssl and the cert.
Please rerun the CEICW again:
make sure your cert points to the external fqdn of you server, eg

please don't change the ssl settings in IIS, you will only make things worse that way.

RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:

I believe I have installed the SSL on the mobile device now..

I exported from PC and installed.

now it tells me i have not got permission to sync this test account.

ill look over setup of OMA again.

If I have a virgin mobile NO EMAIL for testing and i sync MD's email.. will it remove anything from the mailbox?


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please make sure your exchange is ok, with SP2 installed please.
concentrate on the previous issue first before trying to sync, setting up ssl, ... .

1. install SP2
2. rerun the CIECW
3. configure the cert (create an a-record which points to external ip)
4. check the eventlogs if there are any events related to exchange.
if exchange works fine we can proceed with the oma things
RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I have checked cert and it seems to work ok

i have installed this on a pc... and appears to work ok

i am no longer prompted when browsing thes areas externally.

I am downloading SP2..

I am using original account to test now NOT test account.

this tries to sync and returns error 0x85010014

as did the ORIGINAL device that is with the user

can you tell me what permissions should be set on server for

Virtual Directories:


ALSO: Does meant to show BLANK when it loads (dont thinkso)


does the directory for "microsoft-server-activesync" meant to be empty bc i had to manually create it

c:\program files\exchsvr\oma\sync

I manually made 'sync'



RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
yes ive done this..

the cert is on my test PPC

RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
how do i recreate the OMA


RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
tried this...

it did not work

RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I have upgraded to exchange sp2... BUT

same problem..

arrghh... i need an answer


RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:

I have installed SP2. and deleted VD's and recreated as per a microsoft step by step.


http://server/oma web logged in STILL shows blank ????

But the MD is getting his email. However he has said there has been some crashes today.... HOORAY!

IT IS Working..

however. OTHER existing users that have had no changes to the PDA's using same PDA..

When they sync they get 0x685010004 "You account does not hav permission to sync with your current settings. Contact your Microsoft Exchange administrator"

I have setup new users and this happens too

I have checked the AD and they DO HAVE all OMA features turned on... What else could it be

thanks to all that have helped ..... thus far


RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I Dont have a "DEVICE SECURITY" option in my "Mobile Services" in ESM.

Exchange 2003 SP2 ...

Many Thanks

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