does netscape/firefox support document.onreadystatechange?

does netscape/firefox support document.onreadystatechange? if not, what other coding can i use in replace of that?
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gops1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes it does. Is there any issue with the usage?
wisecat83Author Commented:
basically i just need to display some <div> section after the page finish loading. my code are below


function pagecomplete() {
   if (document.readyState=="complete") {
            document.all.item("banner").style.display ="";
              for (var i=0; i<aBoxes.length;i++) {
                  document.all.item(aBoxes[i]).style.display ="";alert
wisecat83Author Commented:
so how shld i change to make it work in firefox browser?
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