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We are looking for a suitable software package which will enable us to provide email list services to our clients. Currently we are using Dada Mail on Fedora, which functions as we wanted, but is not really comprehensive enough for our purposes.
Therefore, we are looking for a *commercial* product which will allow us to provide list accounts to our customers. We have found many similar, commercial and very professional packages (such as Lyris) but none of them seen to cater for a reseller environment, and appear to be aimed at businesses wanting to perform mailshots rather than an ISP that wants to provide email listing services with a comprehensive and easy to use GUI interface.
Does anyone know of such a software package, preferably for Linux, but *could* be convinced to use Windows software for the lists (of course pushing all email through a Sendmail relay!! :P)

We have been searching for something suitable for a while, but REALLY need some suggestions ASAP, hence high point value.
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nociConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
3) Possibly you could donate part of procedings to the various projects involved.?
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Have you looked at mailman...?


nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Mailman is used by f.e. I guess it should usable from an ISP
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demonzzzAuthor Commented:
Hi Noci,
Yes, I have looked at and used mailman extensively, and also am aware of majordomo, which technically do exactly what we want. However, we also need a pre-built front-end for the system as it would be a big project for our already overstretched development team.
Do you know of any professional looking management and usage control panels which can integrate with either of these? Or perhaps another commercial alternative?

nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Don't you just need to reference the http[s]://host/mailman/{admin,create,...}
links from your current (possibly static) frontpage?

Otherwise i'm not aware of a separate package for these.
I use Mailman for the Asker's stated purpose and I'm puzzled by this "pre-built front-end".

The particular platform I used didn't have Python installed, but once I did that, installing Mailman was simple and it was up and running quite rapidly. Its administration is GUI-based, altho it also offers some command-line tools for the admin to perform some tasks on the back-end, if they so choose (list administrator password resets are a good example).

I also did some GUI customization - a little tedious, but not bad.

I'm really curious as to what Mailman's *specifc* shortcomings are in your particular situation.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
So am I
demonzzzAuthor Commented:
I see your point, and yes, Mailman does indeed perform the required *functions* for list serving. However, there are two reasons why it is not really suitable for our purpose;

1. Most of our clients are *not* of the technical persuasion and are even finding using DadaMail difficult to navigate/configure. They are easily confused, and are, largely, requesting that we implement something which is simpler (hence, minux jargon!)
2. We want to sell such list management accounts for financial profit, and do not feel that we can charge money for Mailman/majordomo.

I think that some customisation of the gui would go some way to providing what the custs want, but do not have the time/developing expertise to do it well, hence why the company are willing to pay for something suitable.
I hope I have made a little more sense!
PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) I guess I really don't see how a *capable* mailing-list management GUI could be made significantly less-complex - short of the custom development effort you are at pains to avoid. I've used a number of mailing list management systems, including some expensive Windoze-based ones, and I've been most-impressed by Mailman as far as the UI goes.

2) Depends on how you structure the charges. I think charging for MajorDomo is much more difficult because of the crude nature of the administrative interface - for both the mailing list owner and the system manager. But this issue is driven more by your charging model and less by the software. Or it *should* be driven more by your charging model (assuming the model is reasonable), since software exists to support business, not vice-versa.

If the second issue is more of the sticking point, perhaps you should describe the business model (e.g. do you plan to charge the list owner per-subscriber? per-message?) and then someone may know of a software with the facilities to meet that business need.
demonzzzAuthor Commented:
Apologies for the late cleanup. Thanks for your valuable comments noci and PsiCop.
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