LWP - Pretend to have flash installed


How do I let LWP pretend to have Flash installed?

I'm trying to retrieve a page but another page is being displayed due to flash not being installed.

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mattaustinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The check for flash has to be done client side.. so the page your are trying to view..probably sets a cookie or a form variable to tell the server side script you have flash and the show/hide the content.  You can use a program like HTTPWatch.. to see what exactly is being sent.   My guess would be a cookie. Then in LWP you can "hard code" that cookies into your lwp request.  Like I said it would be more help if we knew the url,  and I could tell you exactly what being sent to tell it you had flash.
Suhas .QA ManagerCommented:
to check whether the flash is installed or not,
please go through the link which contains script,

The only way i know to test if flash is installed is javascript....so there probly setting a form varrible... ex: hasflash=1. Can you post the url your trying to get info from maybe we can help more?
TonyJixAuthor Commented:

What I mean is that I am trying to let LWP get a page. The page that it is trying to get requires Flash.
Since LWP does not have Flash installed (..) , the end-page will send the LWP to some "install Flash first" page.

I want LWP to pretend to have Flash installed.

TonyJixAuthor Commented:
Nice program.. I will be able to figure it out using that.

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