Why doesn't chocolate get germs/bacteria in the free air?

Other then ants eating it it doesn't get spoiled.
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http://www.schoolscience.co.uk/content/4/biology/sgm/sgmfoods21.html     Microbes and food.
"Chocolate does not spoil due to its low water content, although moulds can develop inside the packaging if it gets damp. The same is true of cocoa powder..."

http://www.faqs.org/faqs/food/chocolate/faq/ Chocolate FAQ
"...shelf life of about a year"

http://www.chocolatemonthclub.com/pastfaqs.htm Ask Jude
"...He said that, somewhat like wine, fine chocolate improves with age! And that this chocolate would reach its quality peak in seven years. "
It's main ingredient is cocoa butter, which doesn't support bacterial growth.
if u preserve it from ants u may see fungus on it .but the sweet in attract the ants and they finish them all.
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