HELP! SQL 2005 Integration Services - Transfer SQL Server Objects Task - Cant Connect Using SQL Server Authentication

Hi Experts,

I am using SQL 2005 Integrations Services and am copying data from my SQL 2005 database to a SQL 2000 database using the Transfer SQL Server Objects Task.

However, if I use windows authentication to connect to the 2000 database if works fine. If I use SQL Server Authentication I get the error: -

[Transfer SQL Server Objects Task] Error: Execution failed with the following error: "Cannot apply value null to property Login: Value cannot be null..".

The process can see the database and logon as I get the message: -

[Transfer SQL Server Objects Task] Warning: Table "Internet_Brand_Links" already exists at destination.

But it somehow is messing up somehow along the way.

I am logging on using the SA username and password so it is not a permissions thing.

Any Thoughts?
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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EE Admin
check your sql property
It should be mixed mode under securtiy

if not change it and then restart your machine
mixed mode =  windows and sql
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kennethscffAuthor Commented:
I can logon to the server with mixed mode using SQL Server Management Studio and do the Export job manually. The problem only occours when trying to do it by executing the Transfer SQL Server Objects Task.

hi kennethscff ,

It has something to do with the connection object.
kennethscffAuthor Commented:
Thats what I thought. However, 2 things make me thing otherwise.

1. I can open the connection object and click "Test Connction" and it is successful.
2. It can see the table in the destination database before it trys to copy it. It has to be loggin on to see that it is there.
    if I delete the table from the destination server I dont get the message
    "[Transfer SQL Server Objects Task] Warning: Table "Internet_Brand_Links" already exists at destination. "

Very Strange!
check the owner of the table then
kennethscffAuthor Commented:
If I delete the table on the destination server it still doesn't copy. Plus Im using the SA logon!
kennethscffAuthor Commented:
This is a known bug in SQL 2005 and is not fixed yet. Please see

Hopefully if will be fixed soon!!
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