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How to burn more than 700MB of data onto an ordinary 700MB cd-r?

Hi guyz,

Thanx for dropping by and sparing some time to look at my question.
By 'more' I do not mean a couple of MB to overburn or 90 seconds of lead out. What I mean is how to burn 1.2GB worth of data onto an ordinary 700MB/80 minutes capacity cd-r.

I have downloaded an .iso file b4. I mount that file by using Alcohol. Then I open up 'My Computer' and right click on my virtual drive to access its properties page. The content is taking up less than 700MB. But when I went into my virtual drive and select all files and folders, the property page reported a 1.4GB worth of data.
Another instance of this case, is Microsoft Office 2003 installation cd. That cd houses 5 of Microsoft's finest suite of softwares which take up about 1.3GB of space.
Knoppix Live CD is by far the most amazing case I've ever seen by whopping down a 2GB of data into a single 700MB cd. Maybe Knoppix is a bit too much to ask as it is compressed in a different operating system. What about Microsoft Office 2003? How they do that? I hope I can find some answers here.

I have posted this question in countless forums before this. Some suggested that I use a dvd-r by saying that it is cheap and have a higher capacity to further support their point. I realized the existence of dvd some time ago and I know it is getting dirt cheap. Well, it's just that I DO NOT want to use a dvd-r, period. In my country, dvd mediums are getting very cheap, however not many people can afford a dvd-rom or even bother to buy one as a cd-rom is sufficient for data distribution.

Some proposed to compress the data into rar or zip files or with whatever archiving tools out there. But that does not provide a transparent compression as I need to uncompress the file onto my own harddrive when I need to use it in the future. I need to wait for sometime to uncompress a 1.5GB of data. Btw I doubt that rar file can compress 1.5GB of data into 700MB. Well, if you are trying to suggest that I compress the files onto a cd-r together with a decompressor and this decompressor will fire up and run in the background without me realizing it and uncompress those data on-the-fly as I read it, then it's acceptable. But how? Please tell me how to do it.

Some even asked me to split my files up and burn into 2 or more cd-r. Perhaps they didn't read the title well. Duh, if that is the answer I am expecting, I wouldn't be wasting my time posting this question.

Some said that a compression technology is behind this but didn't mention what it is. Well, as if I don't know that the world is round and that my mom is a woman. I really hope that I am able to find some 'quality' answers here to my question.

If you can help me, can you provide a comprehensive set of instructions of what I need to do and what software or tools involved as I am new to this compression thingy.

Thanking you guyz in advance. kiss kiss muacx muacx..........
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2 Solutions
1. Hardware solution using special CD-RW drives

There are two hardware technologies to put more than 900 MB on single 700 MB CD-R:

HD Burn (Sanyo) can put over 1400 MB on standard 700 MB CD-R
see http://www.digital-sanyo.com/BURN-Proof/HD-BURN/
unfortunately, CD-R burned with HD-Burn can be read only in HD-Burn CD-RW drive

GigaRec (Plextor) can put up to 984 MB onto standard CD-R. It is also possible to read these disc in other than Plextor CD/DVD drives.
see http://www.plextor-europe.com/products/premium2.asp?choice=PlexWriter%20Premium2

2. Hardware solution using high capacity 90 min(800 MB) and 99 min (890? MB) CD-Rs and overburn function (supported by most CD writers)

3. Software solution using packet-writing software with compression
I found only old Cequadrat PacketCD software supporting compression.
The "remastering knoppix" instructions explain one way to take an ISO 9660 file and compress it.  See this link:

It looks like you'll need to be running Linux to do it this way.  Not sure if there are any equivalent Windows tools

This link includes some scripts and a walk-thru that might help:
Some more specific info just about the "cloop" utility:
pal;  i have single an AVI file which is about 716 MB, is it possible to burn at a single CD-R.?
wait for +ive and ASAP response.!
thanks .........
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