User experiencing problems viewing inbox details with OWA using IE 6 sp2

We have currently updated our system to ISA 2006 and since doing this we have had issues with some of our users using OWA.  The majority of users are using it at home without any problems, however some are getting the following issues.

1.  When changing from one folder to another (i.e. inbox to contacts) they have to keep on re-entering their username and password.
2.  The folder list down the left hand side will display, however the list of emails and preview pane don't.
3.  Icons representing inbox, deleted items etc.. are not bing displayed.

When the page is loading we get an 'error on page' message in the bottom left-hand corner and when selected we get various syntax errors relating to the url, and not being able to move focus to the control because it is invisable.....!!!!!!!

We have cleared all temp internet files (as well as offline files), deleted cookies, tried adding the site as a trusted site etc... as well as ensuring that our front end and isa servers have all the correct patches/hotfixes

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do you have a FE BE scenario?

Make sure your FE server has the SAME Exchange service packs\hotfixes that your BE server has.


KentFireAuthor Commented:
Yep we are using both a FE and BE server and they are all patched OK.  The issue only seems to affect some users so we were wondering if it was more of a client issue
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There are definitely issues with IE7 and Exchange 2003 SP2 .. This may/may not also be your issue here .. since only some clients are having the problem, I would look to the client machines for something different
when you say it affects only 'some' users, does it affect them no matter what client they use?
if you create a brand new user, does it have the problem?

KentFireAuthor Commented:
Many thanks Kris and rsovall for your suggestions.

The client had IE6 installed and no matter who tried to access OWA, it wouldn't display the icons correctly (or indeed work!).  However, if any of those users tried to access OWA from a different client it worked fine.

In the end we bit the bullet and upgraded IE to version 7, and lo and behold it sorted the problem.  The only thing we can think is that there was something amiss with the version of IE on that particular client (all the settings were fine when compared to other clients).  If we'd uninstalled and reinstalled version 6 it may have also fixed the problem as we're running OWA successfully on both IE6 and 7 on different clients.

Once again, many thanks for your suggestions.

KentFireAuthor Commented:
No one was able to assist me with my question so I cannot award any points, but thank you anyway :o)...
lol, ok kent. glad you got it fixed, I'll try to remember you should you ask any more questions :)
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