Please insert disk error

Hi all

I've been experiencing a "Please insert disk" error when installing a VB app on a Windows 2000 PC .

I've done some research and suggestions included:
Installing VB run-time files on the target PC - I did
The install folder might include spaces - it did, I removed them
Remove some funny folder from the system temp folder - i did every time before attempting another install
Remove all my copied cab files from the windows folder - i did every time before attempting another install
The CAB files should not include spaces in the file names - they don't

I might also mention that on the message box that displays the "Please insert disk" error, there are also a large number of funny symbols - they look similar to ones that you would find when renaming an exe file to txt and opening it up in notepad....

Any ideas

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Something is corrupt in a Windows Installer setup/configuration.

What you're describing happens more often with Windows 2000 installs that also have MS-Office on the system.

For example, Say you're on Win 2k, and in user Account "Joe" MS Office was installed.
You login to user Account Fred and install a VB6 program, or start a VB6 program that uses MS Common Controls...
(and Fred's account did not have Office installed)...
You will get a pop-up message/window telling you to insert the CD containing MS Office....

For starters... you could try un-installing an un-needed applications from that PC.
Next, especially if Office is involved, tell Windows Installer to Repair the MS Office Install.

Also, based on your message-box titles with funny characters...
you might want to run a scan for Spyware using Adaware or something similar.

See if that helps.
PantoffelSlippersAuthor Commented:
No luck so far
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PantoffelSlippersAuthor Commented:
It seems that the installation files were corrupt!

I copied the installation files from elsewhere and tried again - it worked.  Tried again from original location (server) and I got the same problem.

How do close this question?
PantoffelSlippersAuthor Commented:
How do close this question?
PantoffelSlippersAuthor Commented:
I've been trying to close this question.

I've never closed a question without accepting an answer - how do I close this question?

PantoffelSlippersAuthor Commented:
Sorry about that.
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