GC Transfer before FISMO?

So I setup a new 2003 server, ran adprep and all the microsoft stuff to prepare and setup my 2000 domain to 2003. Done. Setup as a DC, AD is replicated. Setup Exchange 2003, migrated mailboxes and everthing. All user are now using the new exchange server.

I am now ready to decommision the old 2000 server. I know the old server is the GC an I am pretty sure it hold all FSMO roles. I want to make sure I transfer all needed and in the right order from this point foward so I can take down the old 2000 server. I have already setup DNS on 2003 and it appears all DNS replicated because 2003 DNS shows everything the 2000 DNS did with the exception of the SOA being the 2003.

I want to know the order and process I have left.
I need to know if my users will be effected so I can kick them off when needed. I also have set the IP on 2003 of the new server and I did not plan on changing it back to match the old 2000 server.

We have 45 active local users and a few remote guys that are not in much. I do plan to take the old 2000 server after the decommision and reload it with 2003. Then using it as a 2nd DC and as our APPserver.
I hope to get this done today so I can reload the server tommorow and configre our APP tommorow night, as there is the software tech comming tommorow night to preform the APP migration. Thank for your help.
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Shift-3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To make the new server a Global Catalog server, run AD Sites and Services, expand the Sites container, your site name, Servers, and your new server name in the left pane.  Right-click NTDS Settings, hit Properties, check the Global Catalog box, and hit Ok.

Transfer all the FSMO roles using this procedure:

Wait for all AD changes to replicate.

Make sure all the clients are pointing to the new server's IP for DNS (and WINS if it is being used).  This change can be deployed via DHCP or a vbscript.  You may also have to remap their network drives and printers.  This can be done with a logon script.

Shut down the old server and have users test things out.  The more time you can devote to this part the better, but it sounds like you're in a hurry.  At a minimum verify that people can log in, access their programs and data, print, and access the Internet (if allowed).

If I'm understanding correctly you plan on formatting the old server and reloading it from scratch.  If that's the case, first run DCPROMO and demote it from domain controller to member server.  Do NOT choose the "last domain controller in the domain" option.  Wait for this change to replicate to the new server before disjoining the old one from the domain and taking it off the network.
NatetechAuthor Commented:
GREAT feedback, thankx.

Ok I didnt set WINS, I dont think we need it, is there any real good way to find out if my domain needs it?

Wow the GC part is easy. Should I clear the GC selection on the old server also? at the same time as enabling on the new?

The FSMO transfer doesnt seam to hard either. Should I be concerend any active users will be effected by the GC and FSMO transfer?

How can I verify the AD changes have successfully replicated?

So most of the users have static IP, can you recommend a good vbscript to do this through-out my network? I know what vb is but I do not know how to use it.

NatetechAuthor Commented:
Ok well I have enabled the GC, still not sure if I should at this point uncheck GC from the old server....??

I performed all the FSMO Transfer and everything seams great. Didn't think it was going to be so wasy, wow.
I found an MS artical that showed how I can check GC replication, I have verified that it completed.

I tested 1 client, changed DNS IP to new server, restarted, and appears to be working correctly.

Now I think I just need that vbscript to change all clients so I dont gotta goto each one.

Let me know if you can help me there, thank.

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No, you don't need to remove Global Catalog from the old server.  DCPROMO will take care of that when you demote it.

I have included a sample script below.  Customize the arrays between the dashed lines and paste it all into a text file with a .vbs extension.  Running it will reset the DNS servers on the target computers.

On Error Resume Next

'This script changes the DNS server search order on target computers.
'For more information on the coding see:

Dim arrComputers, strComputer, objWMIService, colNetCards, objNetCard

'Add all target computer names to this array.  Note that they must be in all-caps.
arrComputers = Array("COMPUTER1","COMPUTER2","COMPUTER3", "COMPUTER4",_

'Replace and in the following line with the IPs of the DNS servers.
arrDNSServers = Array("", "")      

For each strComputer In ArrComputers

   Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
       & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")

   Set colNetCards = objWMIService.ExecQuery _
       ("Select * From Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration Where IPEnabled = True")

   For Each objNetCard in colNetCards
You can seize the FSMO role in the server you want to remove from the network or transfer the FSMO roles to different machine and demote the 2000 server DC from the network.
NatetechAuthor Commented:
Script works great. All advice was great. Thankx.
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