2 Users are getting far more spam

I am running ES 2003 with NoSpamToday.  Everything is working great with users generally receiving less than 5 spam messages per day, which is what I've told them is our goal.  

However we have a donation link on our Web site which email is a Distribution Group in Active Directory.  We have two staff members who are members of this Distribution Group.  These two staff members are getting up to 40 spam messages per day, far more than anyone else.  

I'm not sure why this is and what to do about it.  I think the donation messages are getting filtered by NoSpamToday, but am not positive.  Is it possible that because it's on the Web Site, this link gets far more spam sent to it, and that is why the 2 users get much more than anyone else?  If so, what can I do?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take the link of the web site.
If you have a click-able link on the web site then it will get spam.
You will need to do two things.

1. That email address will have to be dropped or filtered somewhere else.
2. Create a new email address and put the address on the web site so that it is not click-able. I usually suggest putting a space or the word at in the address:

contact @ domain.com
contact at domain.com

If changing the address is not acceptable then you will have to live with the spam, as the address will be in the spammers database by now and even removing the link off the web site will not stop the spam.

jar3817Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As Sembee said, get rid of the link. Mailto links on websites are usually worthless as many people use webbased email (gmail,yahoo,hotmail) and when you click on a mailto it'll usually either open outlook express  or outlook. At least from personal experience trying to highlight a linked email address is just a pain.

I would also suggest obfucating the address, or making it difficult to read by a computer program, but easy for a human. Spam bots usually record email addresses on webpages whether they are linked or not, so having it in plain text is just as bad on a webpage.  Check out this page to see how to obfuscate the address:


It will translate the email address into code that the browser will display properly (and keep the same font and size as the rest of the text on the page), but will look like garbage to the spam bots.

Again as Sembee said, the only way to stop the spam they're already getting is to change the address listed on the website and make the old one invalid.
Hi jar3817,

You could also replace the link with a graphic image of the link.

yup, but that becomes a pain when you want to change layout (font face/color/size)
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