Extract data from text file


I have the following in a text file:

Number: - 012345
Smith, John
Total: 1

Number: - 012234
Jones, Ben
Total 1

Number: - 012224
Thomas, James
Total 1


What I would like is some method of extracing the numbers only into the following format:


etc etc,

Is there a DOS command to do this, for instance is the command FOR capable of doing this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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perl -ne "print if s/Number:\D*//" textfile
I can't help with a batch file, but if you want another option, here's a Perl solution.

perl -ne "print $1,$/ if /^Number:\D+(\d+)/" file.txt
You can do this with DOS commands, the following will parse your example text and give you the results you describe:

Replace [textFile.txt] in the following command with the appropriate file name or path.

If you want to redirect the results to a file then remove the square brackets from around the [ >> outFile.txt ]

for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=:- " %j in ([textFile.txt]) do ( if "%j"=="Number" ( echo %k )) [ >> outFile.txt]

Here is a batch file that will handle it as well:

@echo off

:: make sure we have something to work with
if "%1"=="" goto SHOWUSE

:: make sure the file exists
if not exist %1 goto SHOWNOFILE

for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=:- " %%j in (%1) do (
   if "%%j"=="Number" (
      echo %%k


:: just let the user know the file that was passed in
:: was not found
echo Unable to find %1 - please try again with a valid file path

:: tell the user what we are expecting
echo Usage: [name of batch file] path to file to parse



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bootneck2222Author Commented:
Many thanks for all comments.

Thank you dave_moats, just what I was after.


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