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Online data backup recommendations ?

More and more I am realizing you can't be too cautious when it comes to backing up data.  Several new clients have come to me with failed hard drives / lost data...

Anyone have recommendations about online backup services?  There's so many and prices are all over the place.


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013

You might want to look over http://www.datapreserve.com/ - $15/month for 2 GB compressed.  Online backups generally are only good for critical data, such as accouting information and important databases.

I think you may have seen it already, but if not, you might want to check on my backup comment that grew into a web page.


Thanks.  I've read parts of that page - very informative.. And the other pages & links to Microsoft, etc.... but boil it down if you can - mind if I ask what do you 'typically' do for data backup for clients and what you charge?  Do you do ongoing test restores? How often?  How much do you attempt to restore?  


Technology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Depends on the client.  I would love to SERIOUS test restores on a regular basis, but most of my clients (as most clients I've heard of) don't want to spend the extra money verifying the backups are good. I do periodically check each clients backup as best I can, even if that means restoring select data to other locations on my own, then I do it when I can.

As for what I do for clients, again, it depends.  Some I have scripts running using NTBackup to backup to files on external hard drives.  One client has a vital accounting database and a vital database of client data in Access.  This is backed up 3x per night.  One backup goes to a local machine and is just a copy of the database and accounting files (scripted to email upon completion with a log of the copy results), another of the 3 backups uses secure FTP to transfer a zipped copy of the database and accounting files to one of my own systems.  And the last is part of the standard scripted NTBackups.

Basically, the more critical the data, the more backups I do.  And off-site backups are critical.  But if you're like the above client, an online service is impractical for all but the most critical information.  Their internet connection is SDSL 1.5 and their TOTAL data, including email, images, database, documents, accounting files, exceeds 40 GB.  It would take a day at least to copy this data to an online system.  So you have to pick and choose.
You can check Veritas Desktop / Laptop Backup Options. This is really good. Tivoli Data protection is also good. You can check both of these.
i think you have to look at google new services ...
Please note that GMail Drive is still an experimental tool
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal Consultant
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Top Expert 2014
I'd like to ask why you are looking at online data backup as opposed to other steps you can take to ensure continuity.  For instance, are all of the servers deployed at these client locations using at least a RAID5 configuration for their data?  

How large is the data set that you are trying to back up?  For instance, at most of my clients that have sensitive financial data or customer records, we backup that separately (using SQL Server Maintenance Plans) to a 2GB USB Key druve that is switched each day and taken home by the business owner.  The regular SBS Full Backup is run nightly but only rotated out two or three times a week... of course this also could be done daily quite easily.

An online backup service could be used for the 2GB backup as well... just so that it's automatic and nobody has to think about it.  But I would doubt that you'd want to have EVERYTHING backed up this way as it can get rather expensive, and that needs to be weighed against the cost of other options.

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