Why doesn't my DVD ROM only play some DVD's not all?

With help from this site I got my LG DRD 8160 b DVD ROM working.  Now comes another question.  It only plays some DVD not all.  I don't understand why and is it fixable.  I want to play any DVD on my computer.  Thank you in advance.
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TheTinkeringToadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The secondary IDE channel.
There are usually a minimum of two ide controllers on a mother board.
The first one is called primary or "0" ide controller. This is where your OS hard drive should be hooked too.
The second one is called secondary or "1" ide controller. This is where your optical drives are usually connected.
All i did to find a firmware for your drive was go do a yahoo or google search one of the pages that show up has the firmware patch. Mind you now you have to relize that most patched firmware is not designed by the MFG but by other people usually just average people. Some are true coders and some are novice coders. So if you read my warning on the firmware at least you are aware of these facts. Most firmware patches are tried and tested by other users.
The firmware page has a lot of firmware patches for many different drives.
Though i did not check them out to see if they had one specific to your drive. I did notice that they do have some model numbers that are close to model just a few letters different . They may indeed be your model drive. There are other places that i seen that had a patch for your drive.
A patch is no guarantee it will fix your problem. Good luck and don't mind the the arrogant posters. They seem to find there way to every forum.
Its propably because of incompatiblity with DVD formats (+/-/RW and so on).

Try updating your DVD drives firmware if possible..
cornfused18Author Commented:
Do you know how I can do that?  Would that be available at the LG website?  Or like a driverdownload site?
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Firmware updates are from the manufacturer and are model specific available for download. Make sure you make a complete and exact match or you may find yourself with a DVD player that is nothing more than a nice coffee cup holder.

If you do have an LG device – go here and input the model number – if there is one available it should get you there.

I did a cuple of searches, but no joy..
Your drive isnt even listed at LGs site, so i guess its a old one.. And, as we all know.. old DVD drives are not compatible with most DVD formats.

I suggest you buy a new one that will last for some years.. they are to cheap to waste time on older drives.
This drive doesn't support DVD+ discs.  There have been no new firmwares since 2002, so you are out of luck.

Sorry,  but you are only going to be able to play DVD-R and DVD-RW and DVD-ROM discs with this drive.

Time to upgrade!

>>    It only plays some DVD not all.  <<   which ones play, and which ones do not play?
commercial ones (printed) or burned ones?
Low speed DVD, or Hi speed?
and unless a firmware upgrade handles it, it is not fixable
cornfused18Author Commented:
I got it to play the move "Platoon" it will not play other movies like "Walking Tall"  The  DVD's I tried are regular movies bought at the store.  The message comes up as DRIVE NOT READY. I do know this is an older DVD player.  I think I might have to get a new one.
LG does not have any information about my model.
cornfused18Author Commented:
Oh I also tried to play a burned DVD and it also did not play.
"The  DVD's I tried are regular movies bought at the store. "

Ehm.. There is no such thing as "regular".. They are all diferent formats, and your device is the problem.
Same thing with your "burned DVD".

Your device is simply out of date, over the hill, garbage.. and then some.

Sorry to say so, but come on.. a pre 2002 drive? Seriously..
There was no need to talk to him like that.

I agree the drive might be old.
Old does not mean that is the problem.
If it reads and writes just fine the drive is good.
For format problems well yes commercial DVD formats have changed over the last few years.
Commercial DVDS also add rootkits and other virtual security protections that older drives just do not know how to handle very well so they go through a buffer over run or spin up.
It could also be a region code setting on the dvds that are causing him problems.
It could also be incompatible software on the system that is causing the problem.

I agree a firmware update may solve his problem.
That being said.
There are firmware updates to that drive.
You can find them on the net as patched firware.

Be warned that if you are not to sure how to patch update or modify firmware.
Damage can be to the point of a destroyed drive.
That being said dont let that statement discurage you 10,000's  of normal every day people patch firmware and are successful. It is only a small amount of the total doing this that actuall fail. And sometimes it really isnt there fault.
Look for  a patched firmware for teh drive on the net. I know at least one is there i did a cursury search just now.
TTT, Thats as nice as the truth comes..

Since you claim there is firmware out there for this drive, i suggest you come up with something better than just telling him to believe in santa... People have been found dead in the snow after such ideas have been presented.

I did a search myself, and could not find anything usable on that drive.. I mean usable, as in will help.. But sure, you can.. Is that why you did not post a solution to this newbie?

Come on...
Hi cornfused18,

Also keep in mind that DVDs have Region Codes.  The region code set on the player must match the region code on the disk.  I would expect the system to mention this to you when you try to play a disk, but unfortunately the disk and drive manufacturers didn't look me up to ask my opinion before building their stuff. ;-)

The region codes roughly match geographic areas of the world, North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. each have a region code.  This is to help reduce piracy by attempting to prevent a DVD made for one region from being copied and sold in another by pirates.  In my opinion, this mostly just frustrates ordinary, honest users however.

The region code is usually printed on the label the disk or the sleeve or case somewhere.  The drive is usually set at the factory for the region the device is intented to end up, but not always.  Most drives allow you to change the code, BUT ONLY A FEW TIMES (LIKE 5 TIMES), THEN THE DRIVE LOCKS IN THAT CODE.

To chance the code, (I don't see where you mentioned your operating system, but the Windows versions are fairly similar in this respect.) right-click on My Computer and choose Properties from the context menu.  In the properties window make you way to the Hardware/Device Manager section.  In the Device Manager, expand the DVD/CD Drives section.  In that section locate your drive and double-click it (or right-click and choose properties) to open the Drive Properties windows.  One of the tabs/pages in that window should have a Region Code setting.  This page will probably vary by drive maker and the specific device driver installed.  Most often I've found that to change the region code, you must have a DVD for the region you are trying to change to.  I believe that this is to prevent accidental changing to a Region that you have no DVDs for.

Hope this helps,
cornfused18Author Commented:

Thank you. Now should I save it or run it.  Is there any special instructions I should know about?  I just dont want to mess anything up.
cornfused18Author Commented:
Thanks for the information.  I went ahead and saved it to run from the computer.....it is not in english.  It does come with english instruction on a read me page. Very helpful confusing but very helpful.

Thank you all for the great advise.
amebaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you unpacked it, make sure you understand the instructions. If something is not clear, ask here - as I said I'm not an experts for this area, but others might help.

First link, if you click Messages sorted by THREAD, shows all posts, instructions are here: http://www.eio.com/public/dvddrv/0437.html
There is also one post "it didn't work" when incorrect model was used, see http://www.eio.com/public/dvddrv/0422.html

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any possible damage...
cornfused18Author Commented:
I feel completly computer dumb right now I truly thank you for all of your hard work helping me with this!!
Another question  It says that I need to have my drive hooked up to the secondary IDE channel.  What is this and how do I make sure that it is set up on that particular channel?
>>This is to help reduce piracy by attempting to prevent a DVD made for one region from being copied and sold in another by pirates.  

LOL, sure, thats the reason.
mattisflonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Confused; Most computers have two IDE cables going from the mobo to HDs and CD/DVD devices.

The secondary channel is the second IDE channel on you mobo, and can be located by examining the mobo. Look for a small text printed directly on the sircuitboard saying "secondary", "Channel 2" or "IDE2".. You get the point..
Sometimes the primary channel socket is blue, and the secondary grey or another color.. It all depends.

I bet that you also have to set up the devices on that cable as master/slave, and not use cable select.
Thanks to TTT for adding "IDE0".. :-) And a comment, its not arrogant to be realistic.. Specially since not a single poster have come up with a sure solution.. But me ofcourse!

IDE: Go for the highest of the two lowest numbered..

An addon about FirmWare.. Most drives in the same series (like 8160,8170,8180 or maybe 8260.. are the same, and only the firmware differentiate between them), So.. You could get lucky upgrading to a different model.

But, thats unfortunately something i cant verify for this particular model.

Anyways.. i would not get my hopes up for a stone-age drive..
And, TTT.. you are pretty close to breaking the MA there..
Flaming is not accepted, and you should not go there.
cornfused18Author Commented:
I would like to thank everyone for helping me.  Everyone's comments were great.  By the way...I'm not a him I am a her lol
Who said gender matter?


Did you get anywhere with the firmware upgrade?
Any results?
> The secondary channel is the second IDE channel on you mobo, and can
> be located by examining the mobo.

Isn't there easier way, e.g. checking BIOS or maybe something in:
   My Computer -> view devices by connection
ameba, You are right offcourse.. There you see what 15 years of head-in-HW does to you.. ;-)

The IDE channel will show up in BIOS, and in:

My Computer->Manage->Device Manager->CD/DVD-ROM under the "Location" section..

(Example: "Location 1 (Secondary ATA Channel)" )..

(If viewing by connection the device is listed under the ATA/PATA/SATA section whitch subs to the processor i think..)
For general purposes. If you did not build your machine. Or another non commercial entity like a friend did not build your machine. I have never heard of nor seen a commercially produced computer with the hard drive or optical drive reversed on a motherboard. You could take it for granted that is the way it is setup. All motherboard manuals from a motherboard MFG all say to hook up primary hard drive to channel 0 and optical drives to channel 0.
On a side note it has been more then 5 years since i have seen a single channel motherboard for a ide controller.
So again this you could take for granted that you have at least 2 ide controllers on the motherboard.
On another side note
you could go to the the web site of the place you bought the machine from EGL Dell,Compaq they will have information on your system on the web site. Information on machines most MFG keep for quite sometime.
Another avenue is that if this was a commercially bought machine again EG: Dell, Compaq
More likely one of two things you where given a set of manuals on your machine if you still have them or a Disc that has the manuals on them usually in pdf format.
It is more likely that you that you have the information already you just need to locate it.
Another alternative is if you cant decipher the windows hardware manager.
If you search on the net for a program like EVERTEST HOME Edition not from the home page from EVEREST as they no longer supply a free version. But the free verstion of EVEREST HOME edition is still out on the net in various download repositories.
This will give you information on your machine. It is a good program to get information on your machine.
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