Looking for single backup solution to backup SBS and Exchange and SQL

Hi Expert

I'm confusing. I'm looking for single backup solution.

There are two servers:
Server1 - running Windows 2000 SBS with SQL server installed and Backup Exec 10d for SBS software installed.
Server2 - running Windows 2003 Standard Edition with Exchange 2003 installed.

Can I use Server1 to backup Server2, or vice versa? So I can backup data files, SQL database and Exchange database into backup tape drive.

Your advice is very much appreciate.
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Just use the built-in backup program, NTBACKUP annd backup to a file.  
chekfuAuthor Commented:
I'm looking for a single backup solution to a tape.

I wonder if Backup Exec agent install into all servers.

Can I install Backup Exec Windows Server vesion on Server2 (Exchange) to backup file and SQL database on Server1?
or Can I install Backup Exec SBS version on Server1(SQL) to backup Exchange database on Server2?

Your advice is really much appreciated.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
you would need appropriate agents to do that.  Why do you want to spend $100's on Backup Exec when the built in program works just fine?  At worst, use the built in program on Server1 to backup Server1 saving the backup file to server2, then server2 backs up itself and the backup file from server1.
chekfuAuthor Commented:
My concern is only whether I can use Backup Exec for SBS edition on SBS server (Server1) be able to backup Server2 with remote agent installed. Or Server2 to backup Server1 with remote agent install
Handy HolderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Backup Exec for SBS does not support backing up remote servers, you need the full product. (plus Exchange and SQL agent licenses). You don't need remote agent license since SQL and Exchange license comes with remote as part of it.

Handy HolderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
You could of course setup a SQL maintenance task to backup to a UNC path on the server that already has Backup Exec SBS on it and get that to run before the tape backup starts but that would only cover the SQL data and not the OS, SQL binaries, and other data.

On second thoughts however I think you might be able to buy a remote agent for small business edition but you would have to check with Symantec presales since what the licensing does and what you're legally entitled to do with it are two different things.
chekfuAuthor Commented:
Thanks, andyalder

I still puzzle.

I put it this way.
I will install Backup Exec 10d SBS edition on my server (called serverA) which running Windows 2000 SBS including SQL.
I then install SQL agent on serverA itself.
I also install Exchange agent and Windows remote agent on other server (called serverB) which running Windows 2003 Standard Edition.

Can serverA backup serverB with data files and Exchange database?
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