Proofing tools vulnerability korean language wants to install itself

Hi Experts,

We have recently purchased Proofing Tools for our Office 2003 users.

If one of the users presses "Z" in excel just after it's loaded, then office tries to install the Korean language pack.
I have installed this MS patch, though it didn't stop this behaviour.
I also ran a full virusscan on the machine. Nothing detected. (McAfee 8.0i Patch 14 DAT 4888).
XP Pro, all updates are installed.

I just spent more than an hour circling around the MS sites to no avail.

Could someone please advise what I can do to block this dodgy behaviour.
Do I need to report this to MS? If so, how?


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killbradConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would just insert the Office disc, and Add/Remove functionality, and remove the language features altogether.
Other than that, it sounds like a localized problem with your setup.  There doesn't seem to be any similar issues around the 'net.

Good luck.
DennisPostAuthor Commented:
Additionally, Outlook and Word both have this as well after the application has just been started and plain text is used.
For Microsoft Word try the following:
Tools -> Language -> Set Language
Uncheck 'Detect Languages Automatically' box at bottom.
Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

Systemwide, you can follow this (from the Excel help file):
1.      On the Windows Start menu, point to Control Panel, and then click  Language, and Regional Options.
2.      Click the Regional and Language Options icon, and then click the Languages tab.
3.      In the Supplemental languages support box, Uncheck the two boxes at the bottom.
DennisPostAuthor Commented:
Hi Killbrad,

Thanks for the suggestions.
Ijust tried them out.
Systemwide, was already unchecked.
Word, even unchecked, the behaviour remains the same.

Any other idea's?

How can I find out if this is indeed a Windows / Office expliot?

Ad-Aware & Spybot found a lot but didn't resolve this.

in addition to the last killbrad suggestion at the same location ("Languages" tab on "Regional and Language Options" dialog) Press "Details" button in a "Text services and input languages" group. "Text services and Input languages" dialog should pop up. Check the lower of the checkmarks ("Turn off advanced text services") on the "Advanced" tab. You lose some of the bells and whistles but chances are you aren't using them anyways. This should cripple the "feature" you've been wrestling with.
stay secure
righto... this is something you do not want.
But why not just install the pack and be done with it?
It's not like the Korean language is gonna hurt business is it.

Seems to me that'd be the easiest fix for you.
Henk, from the security point of view the services that are unused are posing an unnecessary risk that is easily mitigated by disabling the service.
Prove it to the DennisPost here right now that you are not the cracker who has found a vulnerability in a Korean speller DLL and actively trying to use it.
DennisPostAuthor Commented:
Thanks for posting!

kneH, did you visit the link in my original post?
Our Korean neighbours are apparently very clever in producing malicous software.

Just tried it. No go.
I even rebooted for good measure. The settings stayed, but didn't stop it.

McAfee now has DAT 4908, so i'll try another scan.
In the meantime, if you guys can think of anything else, don't be shy about it.

DennisPostAuthor Commented:
Anyone got any more thoughts on this?
DennisPostAuthor Commented:
Hi Killbrad,

This issue doesn't occur anymore (as far as I can tell).
But since you tought  me a few useful things you get get the points.

Thanks for your input!
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