Application opening in the center of dual monitors over Citrix

Citrix is opening one of my applications in the middle of my dual monitors. I've been doing some poking around and have found potential workarounds for this issue such as using a program called envokeit - windows manager that is supposed to control the X-Y coordinates of where an application is to open.

Has anyone got a workaround to force an application to open in the primary monitor rather than in the center of both monitors. I say workaround because information gleaned from the citrix site indicates that no fix exists.

Here is some info regarding our system:

Dual 17" HP1702
NVIDIA video driver v110.37
Running on an HP 7600

Citrix - Metaframe (I'm checking on which version)

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mgcITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no Citrix hotfix or update that will change this problem.  On a dual monitor system you technically only have 1 "screen" and the applications in a terminal server environment are set to open in the center of your screen.  I've never used envokeit but an application like that is what you will need in order to accomplish this.
Which Citrix client (version) do you have, and which hotfixes are installed on your Metaframe/Presentation server(s)?
maclikesAuthor Commented:
Hi Chris,
Here is the information requested:

Citrix Metaframe XP, feature release 1.  

The Citrix client on the pc’s is version 9.0

No hotfixes are installed.
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If you're still able via subscription advantage, see if you can get FR3.  If you can't you still should be able to get SP4 for MFXP.  Also, try 9.2 -- I know there were many fixes, but they may be only related to PS4 and getting more benefits via 9.2.  I don't know if either of these will resolve the issues with the screen though...

Is the published app set for full screen, or do you have a resolution set?
maclikesAuthor Commented:
If by resolution you are referring to the citirx server it is set to 1024x768. On the workstation we have both monitors set to a resolution of 1280X1024.

The other alternative I suggested to our group was to install an NVIDIA video card in the citrix box and install an NVIDIA driver that can handle dual monitors. My client server citrix folks do not think this will work. Have you got any insight on why it might?

chrisnewman01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry I don't have any more insight right now, I will try when I get home tonight (I have dual monitors there) to see if there's a better solution than clicking the middle box (or title bar) in the application, then expanding the window to the size that you want.

Do any locally installed apps expand to the entire dual monitor setup, or do they only fill one pane?  The way I have my home dual monitor setup is that when I double-click the title bar, the application expands to fill up only one monitor instead of filling up both monitors.  That might be caused by my having a single card with 2 outputs (one digital, one VGA) rather than multiple cards.

Also, see if this still occurs after you upgrade the ICA client to 9.2.  That may resolve the issue.

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